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  1. First rule of fight club.... Well, you know how it goes. First rule of disrespect..... is be respectful. Nice, i like it lol
  2. After hearing some concern from quite a few people In the discord about "end game items" being obtained by donations, I have a suggestion that I think could make the server more unique and also work in the favor of the donators, regular players/community, and overall economy/longevity of the server. The idea is to NOT sell these end game items in the donation shop whatsoever (stay with me here) but instead have an attachment/ornamental kit that attaches to these items that makes them not only look cooler but give better stats as well. It fixes everyones concerns of economy issues, "pay to win" aspects, and keeps the grind there to get these items from drops in game, while still giving people a good incentive to people looking to donate. The only issue I see from this is being that the attachments are exclusive to donators and give them an advantage. In the end it's either this or just letting people buy these end game items , because taking them off the donation shop completely is probably a stretch/not gonna happen. My idea is more of a middle ground. I don't have it all the way worked out there's still points that can be discussed by community/staff: How much the buff should be, should these attachments be donator only, or dropped from npc(s) in game? (sorry for the run on sentences lol) But from a community stand point what do you guys think? Any ideas to add on? Good idea? Bad idea? Let's discuss.
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