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  1. I'd give it a shot if devs are willing to work on it, P.S. If you're my duo partner and die. I. WILL. KILL. YOU. AGAIN.
  2. It feels like we are old because we've been playing this game since kids xD Ironman is great and overall a better game mode in my opinion IF YOU HAVE THE TIME otherwise go normal and enjoy 🙂
  3. I have been worried about the "Pay To Win" issues myself, I hope it's not as bad as I hear
  4. From SoFlo myself! See you around homie
  5. Welcome Loki😎 This launch is gonna be a blast, Make sure you add me Day 1!
  6. Welcome Shrek! I feel you on the RSPS, it’s easier and less stress than real RS lol. Look forward to seein ya out there 🙂
  7. You’ll lend a T-Bone 😉
  8. Genuine question! What's your favorite activity to do in-game, even if you've never played Lunaris. This could be a specific skill, monster, minigame, activity, etc. You'll catch me trying to gamble with whoever wants to (Rockin My Best Fashionscape) or I'll be doing Slayer For HOURS
  9. I've been joining all the giveaways too, great job advertisement team!
  10. I’ll see you on launch day then lol, by the end we will see who’s got the best
  11. Hey Morgan welcome! Can’t wait to see what vids you create 🙂
  12. Agreed it looks so different!! I wanna just walk around xD If this lockdown happens, you already know ima have to chase that
  13. Title says it all! Experienced players Drop your opinion too I’m grinding out some my skills (Slayer OBV) and getting some of that decorative armour
  14. Whatsup everybody, it’s annoying person who actually enjoys Runescape. My name is Gastropoda because I move at a snails pace... No efficiency here lol Youll catch me talking to everybody instead of doing stuff. I’ve been told I’m a good conversation so feel free to say hi! I’m pretty active on forums too so looking forward to meetin y’all!
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