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  1. Can't WAIT! HYPE IS REAL!
  2. What if the server was the first with this? Imagine having a -DUO HCIM- and if one of the player dies then they BOTH loses -HCIM-STATUS- . This would involve alot of content in my opinion. But idk if its to much to ask from the Developers or if this is even possible. But hey just tought i would share my opinion. Kindest of Regards!
  3. Hello , my name is Gaafii and i've been a member of the osrs/rsps Community for over a decade now! (i feel old) but i am only 23 years old. I Started as a high tier PvPer. Pking alongsides with alot of huge name Clans, Alot of hours of Solo Pking. But as the time Went by i got more and more interesting in Pvming and Skilling so now im not entirely sure if i should Start off as an Ironman or a Regular Player. Well thats my issues. Hopefully i will see many of you guys in-game and we might become good friends!
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