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  1. +1 It's clearly evident that you have no other intentions but to help the server and the community, therefore I feel you would be a good addition to the support team Good luck!
  2. Thanks for showcasing the server and giving your feedback @Cilay It's unfortunate to hear that you were not impressed by the features you looked into in your video, however I can assure you that the server has an abundance of features that you would be able to experience the more you play. Thanks again for supplying your first impressions, I do hope that you give it a second go in the near future to see what else there is to offer 🙂
  3. Thanks for the recognition Lukas! Best of luck with this 😊
  4. 1st tune was alright, 2nd one is debatable... 😅 I'm a big LP and Mike Shinoda fan. This is one off of his solo album: Post Traumatic Good listen! Personally prefer Harmony 2 over Harmony though
  5. The chaos altar function for prayer would be nice as an addition to one of the activities the wilderness offers and to potentially be considered another Pking hotspot. However, the gilded altar with the burners lit at home is just generally more convenient and efficient as the main way of training prayer - it is not difficult to obtain bones. Bare in mind you also have the Ectofuntus as an alternative method of training prayer.
  6. Appreciate the kind words Brandon, thank you!
  7. How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I have actively been playing the re-released version since release (27.3.20). What have you done during your game time to help other players? I have regularly offered guidance, advice, in-game guides and general help on a consistent basis to those that require it. How active are you on the server? I actively play up to 6-10 hours a day. I am in the timezone (GMT: UK) and severely nocturnal so I am available during both at the peak and off-peak times of the server. Also with the current pandemic at hand it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon. My personal work shifts are confirmed in advance so I will always be able to adjust my active time when necessary. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? Up-keeping and continuity of the server is integral to a server's success. I feel that I can provide an assurance and capability to enable interactions, activity and moderation are prioritized and kept maintained to allow other areas of the Server to be worked on - ultimately easing the stress off of server hierarchy and allowing them to focus on other important things. I have worked as a facilities administrator as my main source of income for the past 2 years, so I am familiar with publishing, data entry and collation along with a foundation knowledge on programming and system integration software. I am able to take my responsibilities as a staff member in a humble but dynamic approach - as a reliable and trustworthy individual who does not egotistically take personal ranks as a way to ridicule other players, but rather to inspire and empathize with the community to provide online safeguarding and a pleasant experience that will want them to stay with Lunaris. Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? Yes, I prominently work better unsupervised as I thrive off of working independently, however I am always happy and open to commit to team projects and scheduled routines where required. I have great time management skills which allow me to meet any deadlines and tasks delegated to me as well as providing additional support where it would be necessary to assist in accordance with the server's maintenance and the team's current needs. Are you active in the Discord server and on forums? I have recently joined the Discord server - I will always be available and active to ensure player communication and staff satisfaction is a priority. My Discord ID is Peckishwhale#7856 (Unique ID: 702812229363302420). I am more than active on Forums and typically spend up to 2-3 hours a day browsing and contributing on here. Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision. I have extensive knowledge of the entire server and the game play it provides, so I can apply this knowledge into advertisement, game-play enhancement and forum activity. I am an incredibly motivated individual who is keen to see the server thrive in every way possible, and I hope this is evident as is stands with my current actions. I would say I am recognized by the server for my approach to the game as well as my experience, therefore I can lead by example to others.
  8. Option to minimize/toggle off the bounty hunter target system. On fixed mode it's quite inconvenient as it takes up a percentage of your screen Remove buckets of slime from Barrows chest rewards. As they're untradeable you have to go through the additional dialogue in order to drop them and you normally get 6+ per trip you get them, which is just extra inconvenience. Also not much use of these as you can buy 30+ from the charter ship NPC's and the restock timer is relatively quick anyway Adding mid/high-tier implings to the entire world map rather than them being restricted to just the home map Removing redundant global yell announcements and adding more that are relevant - e.g tips, events, important ::thread links Cerberus rework. Cerb's current pathing and mechanics are buggy and it is evident. One significant issue is the frequency of his special mechanic which can significantly reduce and limit kills per trip for players in welfare gear. Delayed and bugged dialogue: 'Welcome to Cerberus' when you enter Cerb's lair Introduction of Larran's Chest + Keys (wilderness oriented). Could be made as an uncommon/rare drop from all wilderness mobs. Rewards could include most alchables and skilling supplies to assist the current growth in economy and items - https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Larran's_big_chest Utilizing the G.E area in varrock for some sort of purpose. It's a large area that could be used for some sort of social events Adding potato cactus's to Jatix's herblore shop
  9. Welcome to the server mate 😏 Currently experiencing downtime at the moment, but will be back online in no time
  10. So I've finished off Max on Prestige #1 and have no intention whatsoever to further prestige. Instead, I have decided to take a personalized custom approach to how I will be playing the game here on out as an Ironman. Below will include an in-depth log of what I intend to do on Lunaris from this point forward. This is a long-term approach that I know will give me more incentive to play the game and to remain motivated whilst playing. This post will be frequently updated. *Colour Key Code: Green - Completed | Red - Incomplete* Skilling Pets: Boss Pets: 200m+ XP in all Skills/2B+ Total XP: Achievements: Total Donated: Prestiges: Rare Boss Drops/KC:
  11. The server and the general relaunch itself has immense potential. I personally appreciate the team's effort towards the game as a whole and for providing us with a platform we can enjoy and look forward to. Although there are negatives there is an abundance of positives. A server's commitment to ensuring player's gaming experiences are fulfilled is always more recognized than catering to the server's personal goals. Please start back at the fundamentals of server maintenance and game-play enhancement - there is no need to overly exaggerate anything or over-develop unnecessary/unwanted content. Think more unique as oppose to custom. The ability to utilize vacant areas, redundant mini-games and skills will go a long way in regards to a player's duration of in-game activity. Do not be disheartened by a sudden decreased player base and negative feedback. I have noticed looking back at the previous updates and announcements that it was always stressed to try and appeal to new players constantly and to maintain a steady but high daily player count... it is evident that this is still an ongoing issue but do keep in mind the more stable the game becomes to play the more gradual and consistent the player count will be. ~ Peckish
  12. +1 on most of these. They'll definitely help out with balancing the server and general QoL Btw the pyre for chewed bones does function, just go to the same place it's located in 07 - there is also one directly outside the ancient cavern entrance at home
  13. Was that an intended implementation? Seeing as I've lost half a dozen hours when I'm not even online feels like a huge L to me.
  14. Ability to wear Max Cape for prestiged players Some servers I have previously played have had this feature and it had made the benefits of prestiging better as you have a BiS cape for when you have low combat stats for each prestige you do. Runecrafting cosmetics - Runecrafter robes Could be obtained on an uncommon/rare basis for each essence you craft. More info here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Runecrafter_robes (originated from the RS3 version of the game as oppose to 07) Boss loot log collection Gives a player the ability to know their boss killcount and obtained/not obtained rare loot. The current boss log in quest tab is somewhat outdated and this would help a lot of people. Generic interface: Filtered yell/game chat A lot of people have expressed their dislike in looking at yells especially when they see derogatory/insulting terms being used. This is a RSPS so it's almost inevitable that you will see that type of behavior but it may make some players in-game experience a lot better if they were able to filter it out. Redwood trees/furnace at ::dzone Removal of maple trees and replacing them with Redwoods as well as including a furnace would make ::dzone a lot more efficient + the more benefits it has the more people would be willing to donate for the ability to use the zone. Firemaking Pet - Phoenix Another obtainable skill pet to add to the current ones that exist. It is a good looking pet and would again give more incentive to skill
  15. It's a good idea, however I personally think the server is already customized enough and should only prioritize more prominent features for the time-being.
  16. I can vouch this to an extent... I actually think the voting events are way too regular and should be limited on a daily and/or weekly basis. That being said, a specific rotation would help the balance and give more of an incentive to vote
  17. I've only ever seen this on 1 668 and 1 518 server in the past... It's a good thought but it would mean having to re-adjust the current donator ranks and perks. Maybe they could be added to the already existing donator ranks?
  18. +1 on this. It doesn't make the forums appear as active due to the amount of outdated content
  19. Skotizo has already been recommended and they have plans to implement him in-game at a later stage This is a low-priority boss as it has no significant drops (as to date) and most bosses already in-game provide a satisfactory amount of alchables
  20. Nice concept but it's a little too much work to go to and shouldn't be prioritized over most things - I can't even recall a single server that even has this. It genuinely takes around 60 seconds to create a forum account and to list a quick bug/suggestion. If people can't be bothered to do that then it's an indication that the bug/suggestion they're trying to promote isn't that big of a deal
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