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  1. A previous user had the same issue and an Admin said this: The bug can be resolved by praying at the altar, south of home.
  2. Has been noted already, here: https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1151-compiled-bug-list/
  3. @Lynchy is a lovely bloke and always helpful on demand when staff/other people are not available. He would be an immense help with the GMT timezone along with other surrounding TZ's where the bare minimal support is available. 👏
  4. How old are you - 21 Occupation/Or if you study, what is it you study? - NHS Facilities Admin Do you have children, if so, how many? - 0 When did you first start playing RS/OSPS's? - RS: Around 2007, RSPS: Around 2014 Favorite food? - Sushi Favorite person on Lunaris? I second @Lynchy, everyone is equally great Tell us one interesting/random fact about yourself! - I've been a fitness personal trainer for 2 1/2 years, however due to the recent virus outbreak I have decided I will not be continuing this until further notice
  5. IIRC it's just a special attack that was commonly used in multi-areas such as skeleton monkeys, NMZ or bandits
  6. - NPC to buy max cape/comp cape from (Alex already said 'Mac' from OSRS plans to be implemented in game, however just in case) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Mac - Slayer Helm (i). upgrade obtained through slayer points or possibly introduction of a basic NMZ minigame? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Slayer_helmet_(i) - Konar Quo Maten (OSRS Slayer master). Slayer is a little bit stale for everyone so introducing a new slayer master for high levels mobs/bosses only might give a bit of variation https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Konar_quo_Maten - A form of beneficial incentive to go over 13m XP in a skill? besides from prestiging, e.g 200m, 500m, 1b - Puro Puro for imps. Rarity of Imp up to Dragon/Crystal https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Puro-Puro - Clue Scrolls (I believe this is currently being decided on) - Instances/instance interface. Sometimes bosses can become a hotspot at peak times, therefore introducing this would help balance out players to bosses available instantly. Perhaps acts as an alternative money sink by having the option to create an instance after paying 100k. Also adding an option to fasten respawn timer as some bosses take up to 1 minute to respawn. - Well of Goodwill. As oppose to having someone donate for global XP, in-game money could be used as an alternative? still having the donate for XP scroll available, but again this just to add some variation when seeing a gradual player increase on a daily basis - Recolored Graceful. Looks nice and would give extra incentive to do more agility. Each full set recolour could be 90 MoG needed, 15 MoG per piece https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Graceful_outfit
  7. Welcome! I hear you have nice maple syrup and coffee over there?
  8. I can't think of any, other than it acts as a little bit of a money sink because if you're currently decanting in bulk you lose quite a significant amount of GP
  9. I have the supplies and XP boosters ready whenever ✅
  10. 7 days later, it's done. Thank you for your assistance @Alex One love Lunaris<3
  11. It's a nice concept but combat XP rates are already high so there is no necessary need to make it any easier by supply exp lamps - you can simply vote per day and earn up to 100k xp in any skill by using them. As it goes for x reward amount of GP per successful PC round would be a good idea, can vouch for that
  12. Try mining coal with the bag in your inventory, it might fill automatically
  13. They look quite nice, good job. Perhaps you could use the official Lunaris logo in future ones?
  14. Community events would be a good idea, however I'd only recommend them on certain days and a limited amount per week - for instance: Monday: Double boss drops, Wednesday: Boss masses, Friday: Double EXP etc Shop stocks will eventually see a decrease in people buying them out, all being considered it's still a fresh eco after all
  15. How do I start Hunter? First obtain Hunter equipment from the Hunting Expert. She can be found here: Level 1-19: Copper Longtails Level 19-63: Tropical Wagtails Equipment Needed: Bird Snare Where can I find them? They can be located here: Level 63-73: Grey/Red Chinchompas Equipment Needed: Box Trap Where can I find them? They can be located here: How do I get there? Talk to Gnome Glider located here to travel to Crash Island: Talk to Lumdo to travel to Ape Atoll Jungle: Level 73-99: Black Chinchompas Equipment Needed: Box Trap Where can I find them? They can be located here: How do I get there? Head north from home and use the Wilderness Canoe. *NOTE: This takes you to level 35 Wilderness - you will also receive a prompt warning in-game*. Once there, head a little south west and you will be at the Black Chinchompa hunting area. Alternative - Level 63-99: If you are a Donator+ ($10+ donated) you will have access to an exclusive Hunter area where you can catch both Red and Black Chinchompas. This can be found where the Hunting Expert is located (see above).
  16. There is dialogue for failing to light a log, however there are occasions where the animation freezes completely with no dialogue - almost as if the whole action is stopped. When this has occurred I've left the character for a few minutes each time but to no avail. Loving the server BTW, good work
  17. Apologies in advance if some of these have already been covered/resolved. I will update this where possible if I personally come across any further bugs or inconveniences. 1) At ::dzone, the spawned fire does not allow you to cook any type of food on it. 2) When scroll zoom is activated, scrolling anywhere on the Lunaris client allows it to zoom in/out (e.g in inventory, minimap, client window, virtually anywhere). 3) Certain achievements currently do not work (cannot complete or start): Thieve 300 stalls Cook 250 foods Shear 10 sheep Shear 150 sheep String 100 amulets Fail 50 times at Thieving Stall (should be removed or altered as it's not possible to fail thieving any stall in-game) Cut 250 gems Open 70 crystal chests Eat 100 of any food Drink 100 of any potion Kill 75 Cows Complete 10 slayer tasks Bury or use an altar 150 bones Complete 100 slayer tasks Cook 100 food Bury or use an altar 1000 bones 4) When lighting any type of log, periodically it can freeze the animation of your character resulting in the action being stopped. The current way to resolve this is to pick up the log and re-light, however on occasions this can happen quite frequently making fire making quite inconsistent. 5) When doing Seers Village Rooftop Course, the roof is blackened/glitched making certain things not visible. 6) Ironman NPC Adam has 2 dialogue functions that currently have no shop interface (Herblore/Farming) 7) Cooking range in Lumbridge Kitchen does not work (food cannot be cooked on it) 8.) Climbing up and down from 3rd to 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle glitches your character into the stairs, not allowing them to move. Current way to resolve is to teleport out. 9) There are currently no sheep in the Sheep Pen north of Lumbridge, only calves (I don't know if this was intentional due to there being sheep at ::home). 10) Catherby fishing spots do not work. Currently greet you with this error message dialogue when attempting to fish: 11) Monkfish currently offers more XP per catch than Sharks. I am unsure of exact standard xp rates due to DXP currently being active. 12) XP bar can randomly reset to 0. 13) When you burn a piece of food the chat dialogue still says 'you manage to cook the _____'. 14) You can still cook food on a fire even when it has burnt out (turnt to ashes) - the cooking action continues until the inventory is done. 15) When you drink a stamina it does not regenerate any run energy 16) Probita dialogue in yell chat is incorrect. It currently says: 'you pets' instead of 'your pets' 17) Certain bank settings reset to default when you relog - e.g placeholder settings 18) Error message/s when you level up in Runecrafting 19) Dagganoth Rex can be hit with melee - his only weakness should be mage combat 20) Alkharid gates can sometimes glitch making your character render in the middle of the gate making them stuck - normally takes around 3-4 attempts to go through 21) Killing KQ doesn't log as boss KC
  18. I would personally prefer to see the generic teleportation system re-implemented, however it's a nice change the way Lunaris has gone with
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