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  1. Where can I start Agility? Teleport home via your magic spellbook and run east to the building below. Talk to the pirate NPC in the building for teleport options. What levels are required (recommended) for the Agility courses? Gnome Agility Course: 1-35 Barbarian Agility Course: 35-52 Wilderness Agility Course: 52-60+ Seer's Rooftop Course: 60-90 Ardougne Rooftop Course: 90-99 What rewards can you get from doing Agility? You gain 5x agility arena tickets for every full run you do in the first 3 agility courses. These can be traded in for the following rewards: Periodically, you will have Marks of Grace spawn in your inventory. These can be traded in to Grace for the following rewards:
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