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  1. That makes sense Dredyn, it definitely would make pest control much more active! Good idea dude
  2. Fireee guide dude! Thank you so much 😅
  3. Due to the massively infectious corona virus, just wanted to look out for the homies and suggest that if you just got home from being out and about, MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS before touching your key board and mouse, etc. Peace and love y’all 🤧
  4. Wouldn’t be a bad idea .. although I don’t think PC should be a money maker. Achieving a void set, for example, is much more rewarding IMO. What do you think?
  5. In-game name - Bassnectar Discord: Reflective808#6506 Did someone recommend you? Yes, Iron Gainz & Culpa Do you have a mic / Yes or no? Yes  Past Clan Experience - Been a while 😞 PVP or PVM? BOTH , PVP Preferrably
  6. Sup ya'll, "Bassnectar" here! I'm a wifed up bass head gamer, avid fisherman in South Florida, runescape loving fool!
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