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  1. I needed to purchase a rank on the server and Lynchy messaged me, had asked me to pay first but if i wanted to I could wait for staff, I took it upon myself to pay, and he followed through with the purchase afterwards! +1 for sure.
  2. I haven't heard that in a long time! haha thanks for the response!
  3. Hello! I just want to start by saying how great this server is i don't think i ever got the chance to play the first one or if i did i don't remember which is quite unfortunate i cant wait for the server to grow and to fill home with hundreds and hundreds of players! Anyhow onto what this post is for, I started playing about a week ago and have had nothing but fun and the staff (Yaz, Xanterra) and there is probably plenty more that have been put on the staff team so far have been super helpful so +1 for that also! I really enjoy basketball its the only sport i really like. {super sad about the season end}. Lately Ive been skilling quite a bit which is strange because i usually stick to the PVM side of things that's how i know i am enjoying the server. I am 19 years old and i live in Canada and no we don't live in igloos.😂 I am quite friendly and have respect for others who have respect for me and also the other people on the server, If anyone new needs any assistance I would be happy to help as I am quite familiar with everything now! I hope anyone who took the time to read this enjoyed it and i hope it wasn't to boring, have a great day! Sincerely, Sap.
  4. Not you fault at all my stupid memory haha, but i dont think i did i believe i forgot to:o i didnt even see a option for it to be honest.
  5. Hi, i forgot my password to my main account IGN: Sap, i reset my password on forums thinking that would be linked to my account and it didnt work so i was wondering if i can get this fixed..
  6. Hi i forgot my password to my main account sap and i thought my forums account would be linked because they have the same name but it didnt work when i reset the password so i was just wondering if i can get this fixed!:)
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