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  1. ign: tmars discord user: mlcs21#6006 timezone: est standard what kind of player: gambler, pvmer, sometimes skiller fun fact about me: I like to party and I like double doubles from times #canada
  2. hello familiar faces and new faces of the lunar staff members!! I would love to take some time out of your days to explain why I would be fit for trusted rank. I personally believe that trusted ranks should have respect in the community but also be a helpful player in the community also. I strongly believe that trusted ranks should act like they want to be treated, there should be no toxic trusted ranks. I believe I fit these roles quite well within the community and this is why I think I would be a great fit for the trusted rank position! if you guys have any other questions about me or my application please don't be afraid to ask me!
  3. Hello good people of Lunaris.rs 🙂 Its tmars here, some of you may not remember me but a lot of you OG players will. Here is my application for helper 🙂 I plan to be active in game as much as I possibly can be. Help out players with confusion, or just straight up pvm with them. I also plan to host events, and interact with the player base to my fullest extent. I will be a dedicated player to the one server I can never seem to get away from. I am on the eastern standard time zone. 21 years old. mature. and will take this role as serious as a Canadian can. thanks for taking the time to look at this application. sincerely, all your guys first loves Tmars.
  4. when do you make a bad guide death?
  5. very nice guide man! helped me out
  6. nice guide man I'm sure this will help many!
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