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  1. Are teleports ever going to be added to the game? or is that kind of the layout of the whole theme? I wish there was some kind of way we could navigate more easier than walking tbh.
  2. Everyone reply to everyone 😉
  3. Hi, I'm aod79, a former RuneScape YouTuber trying to come back to the scene, sitting on 1k subs at the moment but not quite sure if they're stagnant or active anymore as it's been a while since I've uploaded.. Couple years... I've heard of this RSPS several times and decided to give it a go and make it my first epilogue for YouTube. If you're interested in watching my videos just let me know! I'll be bulk uploading them this weekend , sometime probably! 🙂 Nice to meet you all Add me if ya wanna!
  4. What's up? I'm new here & Do YouTube videos! @aod79

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