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  1. TEAM!! Firstly, On behalf of myself and the community who have not created a forum account - Thank you for this! The content released in this update is going to provide some new and exciting content for people to enjoy. Great job guys. Thriving to make everyone in the community happy is not an easy feat so well done! I would also like to personally thank Brandon and the team for their time on the ted talk. It was extremely constructive, it provided an insight as to how everything is run at Lunaris furthermore gave us a little hint as to what you were working on as a team. More of these will provide further transparency to the community and bring us together again like it did that evening/afternoon/morning. FINALLY DECANTING NOTED POTIONS! This is something that could be looked at as the smallest out of everything on the list, but trust me. It's the complete polar opposite, thank you. The bug fixes here provide a lot more stability to the player experience on Lunaris and I am sure they as a whole, will make a tremendous difference to the player experience. Again, thank you again for this update. It was well needed and I am sure will be well received when everyone gets online! I like art number 3 🙂 That DFS make me feel all tingly 😉 L
  2. Hey Peckish, great idea here! Lets get the forums popping!! Please do not include me in the giveaway but thanks anyways. 1 thing I love about Lunaris is the community. I just know one day, this server is going to be one of the best on the market. We have something other servers don't have. A popping discord and great people to chat with! Good luck everyone! ❤️
  3. Lynchy

    Items on death

    Gotcha, will try it when I die next.
  4. Lynchy

    Items on death

    I don't think I will be able to obtain this kind of information. I only see what I see when I get back to the island mate.
  5. Lynchy

    Items on death

    I ran back to my items (dzone, 2nd option in portal) to collect my items, everything was there apart from the items mentioned above. I am not sure if teleporting back showed them for a split second.
  6. Lynchy

    Items on death

    Hi team, It appears items not appearing on the floor when you die is still an issue. I was killing Lunaris Champion, I forgot to put my prot from melee prayer up and, slap. He slapped me. Upon going back to my loot pile I picked up everything apart from. Noted rune bars, noted rune ores, blood runes, onyx bolts (e) double xp ring & noted manta ray (cooked) I relogged and the above mentioned items appeared.. I was curious so I deliberately died again about 20-25 minutes later and the same items mentioned above did not appear. I relogged and they appeared. Thanks, Harry
  7. Love you dude! There is no one more deserving of this poxy ring!
  8. I have asked a few others and they have agreed. Hadyn, Freshondabz and some of the other lads I play with think it would be a great idea.
  9. Hi guys, Would it be possible to have vials automatically smash when they are empty? Or at least give an option to enable this? Bar crawl in OSRS allows you to do this. Cheers, L
  10. I second everything mentioned in this post ^.^
  11. The Boys are back in town! The boys are a group of passionate gamers who are looking to grow the community & have a good time scaping. We aspire to be a clan that everyone wants to be apart of as we are a great bunch of people to be around. You can guarantee all of this alongside having a great time playing Lunaris. The boys are a multi-faceted clan who enjoys all parts of the game. PVM, PVP & Skilling. The clan has a wide range of skills to offer with many of the members being maxed on Lunaris. Come and join the boys today by looking at the below desired prerequisites and replying to this thread in the below format. Desired prerequisites: Decent combat stats A good understanding of the game Ability to use discord (active for at least 5 hour per week) Cool, calm & collected individual. Avoid being toxic and hateful to others on the server Willingness to assist other players (this includes other clan members) Format: Your in game name: Discord Username: Timezone: What kind of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Skiller or allrounder) Tell us a little about yourself (This must include 1 interesting fact about yourself) Come and join the boys today by looking at the below desired prerequisites and replying to this thread in the above format. We appreciate you taking the time to read the above and if you have any questions, please contact myself or @Dredyn in game (Lynchy, Dredyn) D & L
  12. I have only known Vexa for a short amount of time but he is a sound guy. I vouch for him for the position of helper.
  13. Thanks to everyone for vouching and your kind words. As always, if you ever need anything in game please message me. If I don't reply I am likely to be afk for a short while or assisting someone else. I worked out that I have slept a total of about 20 hours since I started playing this server. x)
  14. Hi hi! Would it be a possibility to filter out actions in the chat box. So for example, when I am making bolts whilst stood at GE, it doesn't tell me everytime that I have made 10 bolts. Same with herblore and other skills similar. Cheers, L
  15. Hello everyone. Lets get to know each other! Lets tell each other some basics about us! Please don't answer if you don't feel safe to do so! How old are you - 23 Occupation / Or if you study, what is it you study? - IT Consultant Do you have children, if so, how many? - 0 When did you first start playing RS/OSPS's? - I started playing RS about 13 years ago. This is my first private server and I started playing about 9 days ago. Favourite food? - I have to say lasagne. Absolutely love the stuff! Favourite person on Lunaris? I think everyone is great! Tell us one interesting / random fact about yourself! - I am a qualified scuber diver and swim teacher. Again, if you don't feel comfortable answering, don't. Happy Lunarising! x) L
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