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  1. I can't wait to see how much this server is going to grow 165 already been hit!!!
  2. How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I haven't been playing for quite long sadly but since the new server came out i have been banging it out. What have you done during your game time to help other players? I have been advertising in yell saying if anyone is needing any help and those needing help around the Ge. I have also been doing a few giveaways to give back to the community and especially to those new to the community. Lending Out items that I have for no money to help those progress faster in the game. I have gave few items also to a youtuber to giveaway on their next video. How active are you on the server? I work at home so i am normally on all day sitting in GE if anything helping those who need it. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? Couple reasons why I feel I would be a good fit for this position is that I am always down to pvm with new players, show them around and be there when new or even those who have played the game have any questions ranging from money making's to how to get certain items to do skilling. I am quite trusted around the community with people even trusting me with middleman but I may have to ask admins if I am even able to do that. Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? I am always on time with everything as I use a calendar to remind myself what I will have to do for that day and I am always on time. Are you active in the Discord server and on forums? As being quite a new player in the community I have tried to be very active around discord and the forums and even ig to those needing assistance. Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision. I don't really have anything else to say as the above questions sums it all up 🙂
  3. damn this is a nice guide, gotta take down disrespect than use this method thank you!!
  4. damn i am going to use this thank you!!
  5. Arrow

    Farming Guide

    That is a great guide and btw there are 4 different tree patches to help speed up farming. One in Varrock, Taverly, Falador, Lumbridge.
  6. Thank you!! this going to help me out so much tommorrow!!
  7. Thanks for the Zulrah help, really helps!!!!!
  8. Great Guide man Thank you!!
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