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  1. @Peckishwhale one of the most active members in forums and in game, hands down. Love that he is trying to bring new topics to the forums which makes them much more alive than they usually are. Even the simple topics like the one where he asked players to share their music taste got them engaged and makes huge difference. Application wise, it is amazing how good it is put together and it was a pleasure to read. Side note, it didn't give me a seizure because the application isn't pretentious at all. Best luck, hope to hear good news 🙂 +1 from me.
  2. Thanks for making Forums feel a little bit alive @Peckishwhale ! Probably main reason why I am still playing Lunaris is that it is more grindy than other top servers, but greatly rewarding. Lunaris is great as a side game while working on university stuff x=) ign: Lukas
  3. Hey there. It has been over a month of mainly grinding PvM and after being inspired by @Peckishwhale In-game log/future goals (which can be found at https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1439-peckishwhales-in-game-logfuture-goals/) I wanted to share my PvM drop logs so far. Before starting playing Lunaris, I wanted to see how far I can go without gambling/staking and donating in game mainly focusing on PvM. So, here it is. I will try to keep it updated. To start with, some information about regular mode account: In-game name: Lukas Rank: Regular Donator Total level and current XP: Time spent in game: 130 hours as of 28/04/20. Time calculated using Loyalty points. Total value of bank: around 795m as of 09/05/20 (excluding skilling supplies, runes, imbued items, prayer scrolls (Arcane and Dexterous)) Slayer task streak: Drop Log as of 09/05/20. Completed or Incomplete Had a blast grinding. Drop Logs editing discontinued from 09/05/20.
  4. I think Lynchy would be the best fit for helper. Main reason is that he is active in help cc and takes his time to answer other players, while others who are trying for this position only use yell asking to private message them for any game related help/questions and are absolutely helpless in the main clan chat. Best of luck !
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