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  1. Playing with someone of the best runescaper's, open discord chat, multiple adventures to start! Just sign up and sign in!
  2. Will there only be these few treasure place markers for now or do you know of any possible elite and/or masters being added?
  3. I totally agree with this post! In fact i believe its the best one ever!
  4. Burn thanks for taking the time to reply and for checking out my thread. I am excited also for the upcoming updates and the future of the server 😃 Hey thanks Last Resort for answering. The current state of the server will always being growing and changing. I do agree things have been rather easy to obtain and as far as i know they are planning to be making it a little harder with the banker pet being removed and the teleports being made only usable at home. The server is still needing players feed backs and i am hoping this will let players vent and make more use of the forums. Thanks 😃
  5. oh really? What is the link if i can check it out.
  6. thanks for the great guide! helps me everytime i get a clue now!
  7. Depends if it its more skill training or combat training... players may like it more one way then another
  8. Gonna Make this And See who might want to join a clan outside of the regular starting clan of Brandon!
  9. I just wanna hear everyone's overall opinion of the server thusfar 😃
  10. i just use a few tabs 1st random junk tab 2nd food/pots/runes 3rd meele items 4tf range gear 5th mage gear 6th all skilling gear 7th cosmetics
  11. id do a mix between hunter and runecrafting. Call it Dark Incantation
  12. Honestly keeping things close in a accordingly remarkable pking and pvming functionality makes things best. also the only way i like it
  13. i was really looking forward to reading a good guide and learning more about this great RSPS that has had my attention these past few weeks.