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  1. Hey😊 After a bit more time I've found a few things that I think could help! Money sink Pots and food - please make these cost more in the shop, they wont be sold out constantly then if people have to buy at a higher price, and makes skilling reasonable for GP. Weapon game. Please make this max your combat on entry so everyone can take part in it! Would be nice to see
  2. Cheers fella! Good luck for for the future and lets make lukaris#1
  3. Hey 🙂 Just a few things I've noticed and a few things I wouldnt mind as QoL in game. This is going to be a mess but please have a look. Eating food/ sipping potions has a slight delay against it, you cant spam food or brews and can be annoying whilst In the wildy. Slayer masters - please remove combat bracket, I know there isnt many but pure cant access higher tier masters due to cb restrictions. Daggonth rex mage defence is wayyyy to high. Drop rates, can we know what they are not just "rare" on drop tables. Slayer rings dont give % exp boost as stated Can we have superiors added into the game? And a way to imbue slayer helm too. Decanting options whilst noted would be great! Regards Matt
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