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  1. IGN: Its Scoobs Discord: Stokes22#9019 Timezone: Central What king of player: I suppose mainly a pvmer, tried to pk but yall clapped my cheeks. Tell us a little about yourself: So im a building engineer, because of covid im on a 5 on 9 off shift, so wont be on too much the 5 days on. A little fun fact about myself is that I can count 3 decimal places into Pie, not trying to flex on y'all
  2. Ive tried nieve for 20 tasks and duradel for 20
  3. Its_Scoobs

    boss tasks

    Not sure if its a bug or if boss tasks are just rare, but I've done over 40 tasks since I've unlocked the ability to receive one and still have not gotten one.
  4. Great Update, thank you to all the staff.
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