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  1. Still havent got it. or found it :( Do u have any other suggestions ?
  2. Dear staff, Just got a beaver pet for WC, jippie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i didint get it. Maybe Bcuz i had a mini me with me........... Thanks !!!! Could u sort me out?
  3. Dear Staff, If it possible I would love to do some duo slayer. With double amount of kills and -10% slayer points. Wildy 20 slayer points ea and normal (nieve) 10 points ea. And if possible you could add new slayer rewards: Suggestions: DUO Boss task (400 Points) log box random 200 (50 points) fish box random 100 (50 points) Herb box random 100 (50 points) Ore box random 100 (50 points) Bar box random 75 (70 points) 100 dragon arrows (100 points) 100 dragon bolts (100 points) Bones box random 100 (150 points) 1.5x drop rate 1h (500 points) Arcane prayer scroll (800 points) Dexterious prayer scroll (1000 points) 1.5x exp ring (2000 points) or (not both) 2x exp ring (3000 points) This way slayer stays interesting for way longer and prestiging will be a little more popular. And people who don't want to do bosses or cannot do bosses have a somewhat more chance to some cash & gear. I hope u could have a look at this. Ur doing great work !!! Hyped! Greetz Bassie & Adriaan
  4. Thats nice to here. Cant wait I dont think the econemy we be very stable while massive loot drops from donor boxes occure like 5 - 20x a day. And than we also have the loot drops from bosses. And we got like +- 60 players. That means that 1 of 3 players could have a very high value item. Per day. Prices now drop harder than Connor Mcgregor did when fighting Mayweather. Btw this is not me trying to insult you. Just me being honest en trying to be helpfull. GreetZ,
  5. Dear Staff, As a long time runescape player I can say that I have always enjoyed doing clue scrolls, and I think there are a few more players who adore the trail. So I would suggest to add them to the drop tables. Maybe: Add easy to all high lvl mobs drop rate 1/100 (Rune tier, to 100k cash, crystal keys, gems, runes, ranger clothing, exp books etc. and junk) Add med to all high lvl mobs drop rate 1/100 ( Dragon tier, 100 - 500k cash, runes, crystal keys, gems, unf pots, seeds, exp books, maybe a little cosmetics and junk) Add hard to all high lvl mobs drop rate 1/100 ( Barrows tier, 500k -1m cash, crystal keys, runes, gems, unf pots, crystal keys, seeds, cosmetics, med tier exp books and such) Add elite to all bosses with 1/100 drop rate ( 1m - 2m cash whip, dbow, runes, dboots, barrows tier, godwars key, maybe a donor box with a very rare chance to get raids 1 or 2 items?, high level exp books 1h+, etc.) A (shadow) finished clue counter could help to slightly increase the drop chance of the better drops. which resets on certain drops. And a normal finished clue counter would be nice to show ur activity to other players. And if you include skills reqs to the clues people will be more willing to invest some time in the harder skills. which will be worth it because they could be rewarded with exp books. Maybe add a 100% of a random exp book by clue tier and book time. Sorry for my bad English, droprates and rewards are just an extra suggestion :D Please don't add the clues to the boss drops, drop column. Thanks
  6. Responded, some skills are now way to hard like, fire making, hunter, RC these are only good to do with 2x exp ring if u ask me. Maybe add 2x exp ring to donor shop? or as elite clue reward?
  7. Dear staff, After i tried to get a random vote reward, the window dissappeared. Leaving no reward and no vote points left :( Some other guy in the chat had the same thing 2h later. No screen shot for obvious reasons...
  8. Your in game name: Bassie Discord Username: Mc402Fish Timezone: GMT +2 What kind of player are you? (PvM, PvP, Skiller or allrounder): Allrounder/ PVM Tell us a little about yourself (This must include 1 interesting fact about yourself): I'm Lead guitarist in a small Rock band :D I would like to join a active and friendly group for PVP and PVM mostly. Hope to find it here.
  9. Dear Staff, Imbueing slayer helmet was bugged for me :( To make one thing clear. My total slayer points went to -95. The slayer imbued slayer helmet cost me 400 points (game says 300). So u dont think it only cost me 95 points or something. This was still there after 3x relogging. The screenshot shows -70 points total, this was after one wildy task. My bad sorry :D Would you look in to it? Thanks
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