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  1. thanks we shall see.. Miss alot of the people here was a good year of my life.. so we shall see..the world is for ever changing. all hail pookie!
  2. Good luck on release.. seeing you guys upload guides. Looks really good.. good job. hope release goes off with out a hitch.
  3. see you =[ going to miss you come back =]
  4. Thank you for the positive vibes. I was really scared alot of you would not like the choices that were made. Thank you everyone for really understanding. I really do love you all and really do want to see this community grow not just in numbers but in friendships.. dont forget to join us on discord and check out the #dev-log we still posting what we are doing and what not. https://discord.gg/6DjvHgU Current things inside dev log ======= Start of the recode ======= - Completely finished fletching. This should include every single fletchable item on OSRS including things like ogre comp bows and battle staff fletching - Completely finished all item on item crafting (things that do not require a world object, like a loom) - Completely finished all potion making. This includes every single potion such as Compost potions and fishing potions. It also includes Barbarian mixes. - Added object skill creation support - Completely finished pottery crafting. (using the ^ system) - Finished weaving - Also finished herb cleaning. This wraps up the entire herblore skill.
  5. https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/help-center/respected-player-application/&do=form&d=2 please fill out an app here.
  6. Ill be the first to say thank you <3 i miss you and i love you.. Thank you for becoming a great friend of mine.. I hope your move goes well.. and i hope the goals you set to achieve are reached and you return to your fellow lover. With this.. i do what i only know what to do.. is rise a tribute in your honor.. thank you my friend for everything
  7. Pookie

    Our current situation

    Thanks for the update.. going to be sad not talkin to justin every day =[
  8. OMG pookie is a yes! i have talked about random events in staff meeting alot of positive vibes on it.. i remember them from the old game (only version i played) most users thought they were negative but not my self it was something to beak up the long skilling soo for me.. a vote yes.. but as Brandon says i agree we have loads to do.. but this is 100% a great post.. 100% what we look for in post like this keep up the great work..
  9. Thank you all for voting honestly im going to close this vote.. i really do want it.. like really do..love this fuckin thing rofl.. no really no words i can describe other then i want lol.. but as someone who works on this project i know we have loads of things to do vs adding this.. and because its really would be just for me (thats how my idea is pitched) i can understand why it would never be added.. i made this post to mainly get people more talking on the fourms and get some of the staff active here also.. i take this goal as a success.. i want to thank all my followers for voting yes.. im counting this as a win for the pooke cult.. to those who voted no.. pure shame.. shame on you the record will stand on your vote this day.. just pure shame.. you sinners.... with love pookie
  10. Bump fire makeing complete