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  1. "Raid" Clan Chat Open to everyone. Rules are to be followed. Have fun. FFA/Splits must be determined prior to entering raids. Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot. Scamming is not tolerated. No toxic conversations. All business.
  2. -Add archlight special attack -Add gloves of silence to achievement shop -Fix Chat filter UI so they actually filter public, private, clan,trade ADDED 4.18.20 -Maybe add a barrows shop at Edgeville ditch using blood money currency. -Remove Rarity items from being used in PvP (eliminates the p2w aspect)
  3. socok

    Agility Courses

    -Gnome course You can run across the log as its a regular path. -Barbarian course You can run across the log as its a regular path. Also testing it out i got stuck https://gyazo.com/004742edfae34408f07537302340bc75 -Seers Rooftop Need to elaborate? https://gyazo.com/7a9951a7c8fcf1bd526e0b83aa2b8a3b
  4. Can we add a timer for when they're first used?
  5. socok

    Npc mechanics

    -Corp's hit box is fugazi (no screenshot or gif) -Gargoyle crush/attack distance is scuffed, makes you run around the whole gargoyle just to crush it. -GWD needs a whole rework, none of the god room mechanics make sense. - https://gyazo.com/58a34797dd514b626588646e4f951149 Two dragons attacking me in a non multi area because of mini-me.
  6. socok


    @Burnn you used m not "M" its case sensitive.
  7. socok


    https://gyazo.com/ffc398e86bc2dbc09b97722c62a3921c AH not accepting "M" after price.... Case sensitive, m/k - works M/K - does not
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