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  1. 72E25549-7C89-43E8-A18C-3B2CB38F7C88.MOV 72E25549-7C89-43E8-A18C-3B2CB38F7C88.MOV video-1546031921.mp4
  2. Hey, Welcome Kodak. So happy to see you've made it to forums, Hope to interact with you more Ingame! -CanadianPK
  3. Agreed resources would be a Phenomenal update to Bosses listed above ! Great ideas
  4. Awesome vids. Count on my Sub/likes :)
  5. Always wanted to try something like this, even high still dont got patience for 2k straight kills xD Very nicely done!
  6. Welcome to Forums! Always wanted to visit Colorado, Hit the slopes!
  7. canadianpk


    Big ooooof , Much Grats!
  8. Awesome guide! very Informative.
  9. canadianpk


    Super donator btw Lunaris Addict btw -Refuse to seek help
  10. Die Hard Toronto Maple leafs Fan myself 😄
  11. Hey, thanks for the feedback Brandon, She will be 3 in june :)
  12. Hello Everyone, My name is Dillian I am 23 years old. I enjoy spending time with my daughter, playing Lunaris, and smoking weed. Hope to get to know everyone. Canadianpk