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  1. 1. Have you played the previous revision of Lunaris? If so, for how long. I have played since remotepvp then Lunaris. I would say it has been a good 4 years of being on here. 2. Please describe your knowledge on the mechanics of OSRS, and your experience with it. I have played OSRS since it came out and runescape since I was a kid. I feel like i know the game pretty well and would be able to help out a lot. 3. Have you been a beta tester on a server, or have owned/been on a upper-level staff management team before? If so, please list qualifications. I was a beta tester when the first Lunaris was released but other than that ive never been on a upper-level staff management team. 4. Are you willing to provide constructive feedback, or report any issues or bugs throughout the process of this beta testing period? Absolutely I will provide constructive feedback and report any issues I find. 5. How often would you be able to log onto the beta world everyday? How long per day? I can log onto the beta for a good few hours everyday mostly at night but I can play for a while. 6. Would you be willing to work alongside the balance team in order to provide insight, and help in the final development process of Lunaris? Yes I would giving them feedback would make the game a lot better for when the server actually releases.