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  1. In my previous discussion i talked about a "membership" while that doesn't seem beneficial or good for the server I would like to suggest some quality of life points off of that subject. 1. Add teleport scrolls similar to zul-andra teleports to slayer shop that teleport you to the entrance of slayer dungeons and boss locations. 2. Instances for boss's like the lunaris warrior and gwd boss's at a cost between 200k - 5m per instance ie if you teleport out instance is over. 3. """Low priority""" Remove Investor pet from sponsor snake and change it to a trade able "upgrade" like the scythe sharpener to upgrade sponsor pet into investor pet.
  2. After thinking about it some more I believe you're correct burnn. I feel it would be more harmful than beneficial in the long run I will keep the post up for conversation but at this point I dont think it's a good idea.
  3. I see where you're coming from I don't have the specifics mapped out lol but I was thinking more so this would be separate from donor ranks Mainly because donor rank is a one time shot thing this would be a monthly optional addition on top of donor ranks but not interfering with the donor ranks to help support the server on a monthly basis and add some QOL benefits It could also count towards your donor rank every month you renew giving 1/2 the value to your donor rank. That would be a way of helping people continue to progress and grow through the donor ranks over time
  4. I've never seen this on a rsps so I have no clue if it would work or not but I know this is very successful in other games genres for both the players and the staff. Lunaris Membership: A price of (X) amount for a premium lunaris membership for 30 days. Benefits could include * The ability to pay (X) gold for a instance for (X) amount of time at certain boss's like the lunaris warrior or champion's where competition is high * 25% increase to combat experience gained and 50% increased to skilling experience and a daily "happy hour" that doubles those bonus's * Custom members item allowing quick teleports to high traffic locations ie zulrah's island, slayer dungeons, minigame, etc * Custom pet that can send (X) amount of items to players bank per hour The options are endless as to the benefits that could be added that wouldn't throw balance out of wack but would allow people who want to support the game on a monthly rate a slight comfort of life boost.
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