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  1. I'm going to miss justin but real life takes top priority and i know you will do a good job yaz we all appreciate what you and the staff team do and wish everyone the best of luck
  2. im here in spirit ❤️ plus you got my cell number you nub
  3. i worked for mcdonalds before i flew to norway to continue my microbiologist carrer
  4. wow 213 views i didnt think it was that good 🙂 sand crabs are overrated kappa and i don't like obor 😞 yes i understand what you mean but i didn't mention some stuff cause if i just made it how to max quickly as a iron where is the fun in learning ironman mode and i know about about the grammar errors my caps lock key is wonky it sticks sometimes and i don't mention top donor stall cause some people cant donate so i only mentioned the free donor one you get when you vote as for the xp rates i didn't want to go and catch everything cause i got lazy ❤️ and since there is only imps to catch atm hopefully more hunter methods to be introduced like gray chin red and black chins and salamanders i'm no the best at spelling cause im a human not a robot ❤️ but i appreciate your feedback good or bad feedback is great for me
  5. @Justin when dont you get lost ❤️ but much appreciated @Halen
  6. not if the boss has special mechanics like say inflicts pure damage and cant be protected by any overhead and once the boss dies and you get your loot it kicks home in a min then re spawns with in 10-20mins but you also need a key from any npc in the wildy above 20 wilderness to access the boss and the key is untradeable so the wildy will be active and the boss will have decent rewards but no cash so the Eco doesn't get flooded with more gp make the accessible via ::event the boss could be the final boss from dragon slayer 2 before you can fight vorkath cause the final boss of dragon slayer 2 has special fire ball that can one hit you if you don't move and that would eliminate multi loggers at the boss just a thought
  7. i think there should be a world boss event that spawns every 24hrs and to access it should type ::event and all players who deal damage gets a drop cant bring minime to the event the boss could be gano or dragon slayer 2 final boss before vorkath just a thought
  8. keep it up and pass my bank wealth before i left of 1t ❤️ i enjoy there series so far
  9. As some of you may know i have left lunaris due to work and i'll be over seas for the next 30 years or so it was a pleasure to play with all of you and i hope that lunaris will grow into something huge and prosper i know it came as a shock to some of my close friends i have made on here but i gotta go were the wind takes me as the saying goes 🙂 so i hope everyone doesn't freak out that i have left the discord i left every discord i am in so i do get spammed with messages and @everyone looking at you @Justin but its ok i love every single on of you in your own way justin for being odd but down to earth pookie for having a sick as fuck beard bliszful for being adorable ❤️ spoken for being there last resort for being #1 noob @Yaz for being the worst ironman ❤️ and if i missed anyone else i'm sorry but i hope to see y'all prosper if you still wanna talk my discord is rin senpai#0001 message me anytime friend me i'll answer when i can ❤️
  10. I would have to disagree due to the fact that ironman is for the achievement of getting said item you are grinding for i think the way the drop is fine i enjoy the grind to get pet armour weapon you are after just make its fun but i wouldn't mind a drop rate increase for ironman if they found away to when we dropped items on the ground other players couldnt see it so it doesn't go into the eco. but that's just my personal opinion
  11. Vouch for halen for my infernal cape quickly ❤️
  12. 1.) smoke barrage doesn't poison smoke rush doesn't poison 2.) shadow burst and shadow barrage doesnt lower attack 3.)) sponsor snake and storage pet hitbox is way to big i can click 2 tiles above and still pick up my pet and storage pet 4.)ruby bolt(e) takes 1hp off your hitpoints instead of 10 5.) visual bug with inferno inferno boss disappers on the right side completelty 6.) first mage minion pulls you 3 tiles in front when you attack it with twisted bow 7) when jad spawn in inferno you cant see it all even when you zoom out you have to turn your camera all the way to left or right to see jad 8.) looting bag disappers when you bank it when you leave it open 9.) you can wear max cape with all 1 stats after your prestige 10.)sometimes when killing skeletal wyverns your items get stuck in the ground and your unable to pick em up 11.) when ironman do firemaking and one log doesnt burn your unable to pick your log back up to try and burn it again
  13. Main tab Armour tab armour tab.mp4 Ammo tab Clue Tab Rare tab/clue rewards Pet tab Farming/herblore tab farming tab.mp4 Smithing tab Misc tab Currently prestige 3
  14. Welcome hope you enjoy your stay here on lunaris 🙂