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  1. wow 213 views i didnt think it was that good 🙂 sand crabs are overrated kappa and i don't like obor 😞 yes i understand what you mean but i didn't mention some stuff cause if i just made it how to max quickly as a iron where is the fun in learning ironman mode and i know about about the grammar errors my caps lock key is wonky it sticks sometimes and i don't mention top donor stall cause some people cant donate so i only mentioned the free donor one you get when you vote as for the xp rates i didn't want to go and catch everything cause i got lazy ❤️ and since there is only imps to catch atm hopefully more hunter methods to be introduced like gray chin red and black chins and salamanders i'm no the best at spelling cause im a human not a robot ❤️ but i appreciate your feedback good or bad feedback is great for me
  2. @Justin when dont you get lost ❤️ but much appreciated @Halen
  3. Legal lolis slayer guide Some of the most common questions I get are: - What’s a good way to make money? - How does slayer make you money? - Where do I find *this* monster? This guide aims to help make slayer as efficient and profitable as possible for you by showing where monsters are located and how to get there, along with some tips to help you along the way. *If there is anything I am missing or you would like me to add please send me a pm on the forums, or comment below, and I will address it as soon as I can. *I do realize I may not list every location for each monster but I try to note the best ones to use. Starting Slayer & Slayer Masters: Slayer Task Levels, Monsters and Locations: Slayer Shop & Rewards:
  4. Greetings. I am Legal lolis. The Ironman. And my little companion I have been around in lunaris since December 1 2017 Currently prestige 3 ironman This is my little guide to Ironman mode, for all you interested in starting a new account. Main thing about Ironman - You. Stand. Alone. - No trading - No staking Things you want to buy with your achievement points are: MANDATORY: all skilling outfit-The enitre outfit gives 40% increased experience stacks with xp books dxp and dxp ring. Cooking gloves - Reduces the % of burned food. This is a MUST until you get your cooking cape. Goldsmith gauntlets - provides increased xp gained from smithing gold ore. Great for smithing training. Optional: Dwarven rock cake - damage you to 1 hp great for giant mole or any other npc you don't get on hit through prayer Let's begin our journey! Thieving Thieving is the best money making method for beginners. You can get to the thieving stalls by typing ::teleports>skilling>thieving, or just walk over to the stalls north of Edgeville bank There you can find : 6 different stalls Food stall : level 1 thieving requirement. Gives sliced bananas. (900 xp) Crafting stall : level 30 thieving requirement. Gives Cake tins.(1.500xp) General stall : level 40 thieving requirement. Gives gold rings(2,100 xp) Magic stall : level 60 thieving requirements. Givesmagic stones.(2,700xp) Scimitar stall : level 85 thieving requirement. Gives Rusty scimitars donor stall : level 1 thieving requirement. Gives 10k coins.(5,250 xp)*vote to gain access to donor zone for free 3hrs per site* Merchant This NPC wanders around and buys all the items you get from thieving stalls. sliced Banana sells for 560 gp Cake tin sells for 880 gp gold ring sells for 1560 gp Magic stone sells for 1920 gp Rusty scimitar sells for 3780 gp In thieving area you can also find Ornate rejuvenation pool - restores your hitpoints/spec and removes poision/venom Altar - restores your prayer points Bank chest - obviously Altar of the occult - allows you to change spellbooks d recommend you to train your thieving to around level 50. At that point you'll have enough money to get some basic stuff from Adam. He also sells ironman supplies (general store) (farming shop) (herblore shop) (Armour shop) (misc shop) After you reach level 50 thieving, head to Paul and buy these things: A Spade. Watering can. Rake and a seed dibber. Guam seeds as well from the farming shop to being farming There's many places to farm herbs, few of them: Catherby farm : You can get there through teleport wizard > Skilling teleports > farming. Falador farm: Ardougne farming patch: Port Phasmatys farming patch: After you done gathering some secondaries, and farming herbs, time to cook some food, to go with your potions 🙂 You can catch almost every type of fish available. Except for Anglerfish, Dark crabs (you can catch them at Donator area) You should get yourself a descent fish supply, would recommend to go to around level 80 fishing. Then you can catch sharks at regular rates, and it's descent. After you done fishing, you now must cook it. There's an oven nearby fishing guild's bank. What i personally suggest you, is to cook your food at Donor zone. There's an eternal fire there and you can go to the bank faster and repeat. Agility is a pain. If you ignore Agility, you going to exhaust your run energy super fast. In my opinion, grinding agility to around 70 is enough, maybe 80 if you have time. Gnome agility course. Your agility grind starts here. You can get to it by talking to teleport wizard > skilling teleports > Gnome agility course You train there until level 35 agility. Then you proceed to your next training location. Barbarian agility course. You train there 35-52, or 35-60 next location is in wilderness. DEEP WILDERNESS WIlderness agility course. After you achieved level 60 (because you might quit because of frustration this skill gives to some people) It's time for the real gains. Seers' village rooftop agility course. Rooftop agility is great, because you have a chance to get Marks of grace, which you can then exchange for graceful set. And man, is it great. After you achieve level 99 agility - congratulations, you just finished most annoying skill ever. Hunter Hunter is pretty straight forward. You catch things. level 1.) Baby impling level 22) Young impling level 28) Gourmet impling level 36) Earth impling Level 42) Essence impling level 50) Eclectic impling Level 58) Nature impling level 65) Magpie impling level 74) Ninja impling Level 83) Dragon impling level 83) Lucky impling(raids 2) Congratulations, your Hunter level is now 99. Mining/smithing Reminder: bring Prospector armour , if you have one. Mining/smithing is also very straight forward. You mine ores, then smelt and smith them into various equipment. Place to start : mining guild. Smithing is almost the same, you take ores, you smelt them. Best place to smith is outside Edgeville bank at a furnace. Only thing, it doesn't have an anvil there, so you might want to find one. Mostly recommended at Donor zone *alternative you can mine and smith at donor zone but less ore i recommend the mining guild donor zone is for convince * Time for some combat. Combat is easy. You kill things. Most efficient way is doing slayer, while leveling up your combat stats. You can start slayer by talking to slayer master , west of edgeville bank By doing tasks you get slayer points, which you can exchange for various items. slayer rewards.mp4 in the meantime, when you get 60-70 base combat stats, you should complete quests. Most importantly : Recipe for Disaster for barrows gloves (BiS gloves) And what you also should do, at this time, get Void armour set (preferably Elite void). You play Pest control minigame, and if you dealt enough damage at the minigame, you get points, which later can be exchanged for Void armour. Void armour is great for slayer, and bossing, because of it's prayer bonus. At level 58 slayer, your first big grind begins. Cave horrors. You can get to them by talking to Teleport wizard > training teleports > Cave horrors These guys drop Black Mask, which, when worn provides bonuses when killing your slayer assignments. You can combine Black mask with Spiky helmet, to make a Slayer helm. (Spiky helmet can be bought from Slayer master) The higher slayer level you have, the better things you can kill. Monsters that require highest slayer level: Thermonuclear smoke devil - 93 Slayer Cerberus - level 91 slayer Kraken - level 87 Slayer Abyssal demons - level 85 slayer. At level 85, you just might want to camp Abyssal demons for their most valuable drop - Abyssal whip. Prayer: Prayer is afk'able, but it's hard to obtain supplies to train it. To get Prayer xp, you must bury bones to the ground, or offer them on the altar for higher xp (recommended) Most prayer xp is gained: Dagganoth bones Superior dragon bones Lava dragon bones To be more efficient, you might want to get a Dragon Defender, from warriors' guild. Defender is worn in shield spot, and increases your accuracy. When you're strong enough, you will play the Fight Caves minigame. Beating it gives you a Fire cape, second best melee cape in the game (after Infernal cape, but thats End-Game content) You can begin the minigame by teleporting to Fight caves (Teleport wizard > minigames > Fight caves) After you got Fire cape, time for next challenge Barrows minigame This is the ONE minigame you SHOULD play. In this minigame, you fight 5 barrows brothers, all with unique special set effects, you can read about them on 07scape wiki. all you need is spade, descent gear and some food + potions. To get to this minigame talk to teleport wizard > minigames > Barrows. This minigame gives almost best gear in the game, and it's especially useful for ironmen, who are about to begin bossing. when you get your desired items that's where my guide ends. You do not need any help from now on, and you're on your own from here, fellow Ironman. Some long-term goals for you : Bandos chestplate and tassets All Zulrah's uniques Cerberus' Crystals Ranger boots Armadyl crossbow Zenyte jewelery ANY godsword (preferably saradomin, because of its awesome special attack) Dagannoth kings' rings. ^ cause smithing is a pain in the ass * also could do weapons game but be prepared to hate it like i do*
  5. Doesnt negate all damage but it take the mage minion a second to hit you 🙂
  6. Legal lolis Saradomin Guide Since the bandos guide did so well I decided to do a full godwars guide.Saradomin is one of the easier bosses of godwars and it's really easy to solo.In this case Saradomin doesn’t have all 3 minions coded and misses one(Bree-Ranger).That minion will not be included in the guide.As always I'll make a table of content for easy navigation through the guide.Sorry for posting all of the 3 guides in the same format but I feel this is easier to understand Table of content: 1.General Knowledge 2.Going to Saradomin 3.Strategy 4.Gear and Set up 5.Droptable 1.General Knowledge 1.Commander Zilyana also known as Saradomin is level 596 combat with 255 hp which in alora is protected by 2 minions which are Growler and Starlight.Saradomin’s max hit are 31 with both magic and melee. 2.Growler is a guardian of Commander Zilyana and is a level 139 combat which has a max hit of 16 with magic. 3.Starlight is a guardian of Commander Zilyana and is a level 149 combat which has a max hit of 15 with melee. 4. Bree is the centaur bodyguard of Commander Zilyana, commander of Saradomin's Encampment, along with Growler and Starlight. He uses ranged attacks and has a chance to drop Saradomin sword. and is combat 146 which has a max hit of 16 with range. 2.Going to Saradomin 1.Saradomin too is located in the godwars lair which is accessible by using the teleport wizard at Edgville. 3.Strategy 1.Using range at Saradomin is really bad as it will constantly hit you 20s through prayer.Melee is much more efficient as you wont get hit as much. 2.Using a Karil's top or some sort of magic negating gear will help since growler still attacks you with mage. 3.You can block starlight with growler and pray mage while not taking damage by starlight. 4.It is very important to stay within the melee range of Commander Zilyana otherwise you will get hit by mage very hard 4.Gear and Set up Max melee max range Inventory set up 5.Droptable Sara drop table.mp4 Thanks for reading the Saradomin Guide.I hope you enjoyed it and it made your trips much faster/better.Leave me some feedback on how to improve/fix the guide.GL on your loots.
  7. -legal lolis Bandos Guide- Hello everyone,I wanted to do a more in depth guide of bandos and using different weapons such as a scythe of virtur and twisted bow.THIS GUIDE IS MAINLY AIMED AT SOLO/DUO BANDOS TRIPS.Please leave a comment on how i can improve/fix the guide. Table of content: General Knowledge Going to bandos Strategy Gear and set up 1.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE -General Graardor is level 624 combat boss with a 250 hp and a max hit of 60 with melee and 35 with range.General Graardor,also known as bandos is one of the four godwars bosses.Like every other room bandos too has 3 minions which attack in different styles. 1. Sergeant Strongstack is a level 141 combat minion which attacks in melee with a max hit of 15. 2. Sergeant Steelwill is a level 142 combat minion which attacks in mage with a max hit of 16. 3. Sergeant Grimspike is a level 142 combat minion which attacks in range with a max hit of 16. 2.GOING TO BANDOS • In order to kill the boss you must teleport to the godwars .After teleporting there via the teleport wizard in Edgeville you can teleport outside the bandos lair after clicking bandos on the godwars teleports 3.STRATEGY • If you are soloing all 3 minions will aggro on you which mean you will get hit a lot which makes your trips slower and harder.If you walk close to altar the mage minion (Sergeant Steelwill) will not be able to attack you and hence you only tank 1 minion(Sergeant Grimspike).This method will make you able to stay longer and use less supplies. • For this method i suggest the tankiest gear you own such as bandos,torags,etc. • I do not suggest doing bandos with rune or worse gear as it makes it a lot harder and can get 1-2 kills per trip. • Duoing is much easier and makes kills easier • The method i suggest using while duoing is where one teammate is tanking and the other doing damage,this way the tanker will wear tankier gear and he will tank boss/minions,and the other one will deal damage. • This method is efficient because it makes kills faster with less food used. 4.Gear and setup For melee solo i suggest these types of gear(i am missing the infernal cape as i dont have it yet) Max gear(off task) Budget(off task) Range(off task) Inventory You can swap dragon warhammer with crystal halbert,bandos godsword,dds.
  8. Legal lolis Dagannoth Kings Guide Hey everyone! I recently decided to make a dagannoth kings guide as there isn’t much clarification about the boss and how to do it. This guide will be in the same format as before and will include informations about the bosses, droptables, gear, setup and much more! If you have any questions/criticism please post it down below as I will read it. As always Enjoy! Table of content General Knowledge Going to Dagannoth Kings Gear and setup Droptable 1.General Knowledge 1.The Dagannoth Kings are a group of three dagannoths boss, each being a level 303 combat that represent a combat triangle*. Each of the dagannoths drop 1 unique ring besides Rex which has 2(Berserker and Warrior). The rings give best bonuses in the ring slot and are really good for pvming/pvping. 2.Dagannoth Rex is a melee-based Dagannoth King and is the only Dagannoth King that has 2 ring drops. Dagannoth Rex has very low magic defence therefore using mage is the way to do it. Dagannoth Rex’s max hit is 26 using melee. 3.Dagannoth Prime is a mage-based Dagannoth King with a really low range defence so using range is the best. Dagannoth Prime’s max hit is 50 using mage. 4.Dagannoth Supreme is a range-based Dagannoth King with a really low melee defence so using melee is the best. Dagannoth Supreme’s max hit is 30 using range. Combat triangle* A combat triangle is formed by three combat classes, which is a guideline on strengths and weakness of each class against the other two. A better explanation is: Melee hits strong on range. Range hits strong on mage. Mage hits strong on melee. 2.Going to Dagannoth Kings 3d4c5fc8cf0332f2ef663d15c1ce8aff.mp4 3. Gear and setup 5.Droptable 1.Dagannoth Rex rex.mp4 2.Dagannoth Prime 54025e6cfad0a1dc2a784dff329b273e.mp4 3.Dagannoth Supreme sup.mp4 You’re now at the end of the guide. I really hope this guide helped you towards better/efficient trips at DKS. I hope everyone the best of luck on those rings. Kindly,legal lolis
  9. Contents Introducing The Mining Skill Basic information Pickaxes How to obtain, with other little information included Ores Type of ores, level requirements, experience rates Mining Sites Locations of where to train Mining The Pure Essence Mine How to obtain pure essence Extra Features Features that come with the Mining skill; bonus skill, experience boosts, pet Mining HiScores / Statistics Additional information Mining Mastery After achieving level 99 Experience Table Introducing The Mining Skill Mining is a very useful, but tedious skill. It allows you to extract ores, pure essence, gems, and other auxiliary resources from rocks located in mines throughout lunaris the main one being the Dwarven Mine. Extracted ores can be smelted into bars and then utilizing the Smithing skill, can be habituated to create weapons, armour and other auxiliary items. A player gains Mining experience by extracting these ores from their rocks, and as a player's Mining level increases, this allows them to wield better pickaxes, and mine increasingly arduous ores (such as adamantite and runite) that sell for sizably voluminous amounts of coins in the Trading Post. This makes Mining a great money-making skill for those who have the patience and assiduousness to reach those higher levels. Pickaxes A pickaxe is critical for Mining, because without it you can't mine! Depending on the player's Mining level, this affects the type of pickaxe they can mine with, with the higher leveled pickaxes being more efficacious at Mining, as well as a weapon in their own right. Pickaxes can be bought from Bob, who is located at ::Shops/Edgeville General Store. The highest tiered pickaxe - dragon, is not in Bob's Store, however, it can be bought from other players and from the Trading Post, inside Edgeville bank. Iron Pickaxe Mining Level Required: 1 Wielding Level Required (Attack): 1 Price In Bob's Store: 245 coins. Mithril Pickaxe Mining Level Required: 21 Wielding Level Required (Attack): 20 Price In Bob's Store: 2,275 coins. Adamant Pickaxe Mining Level Required: 31 Wielding Level Required (Attack): 30 Price In Bob's Store: 5,600 coins. Rune Pickaxe Mining Level Required: 41 Wielding Level Required (Attack): 40 Price In Bob's Store: 56,000 coins. Dragon Pickaxe Mining Level Required: 61 Wielding Level Required (Attack): 60 Ores There are many different types of extractable ores throughout Lunaris, with each one requiring a specific Mining level in order to mine it. Experience is given by successfully extracting an ore from its rock, with the higher leveled ores giving higher experience per ore extracted. Pure Essence Mining Level Required: 1 Experience Gained: : 200 | Post-99: 97.5, x 28 = 75 Additional Information: Used in Runecrafting to make runes. Copper Ore and Tin Ore Mining Level Required: 1 Experience Gained: : 700 | Post-99: 262.5 Additional Information: Used to make bronze bars for Smithing. Iron Ore Mining Level Required: 15 Experience Gained: : 1,400 | Post-99: 525 Additional Information: Used to make iron and steel bars for Smithing. Silver Ore Mining Level Required: 20 Experience Gained: : 1,600 | Post-99: 600 Additional Information: Used in the Crafting skill. Coal Ore Mining Level Required: 30 Experience Gained: : 2,000 | Post-99: 750 Additional Information: Used in the Smithing skill, utilized in making bars from steel to rune. Gold Ore Mining Level Required: 40 Experience Gained: : 2,600 | Post-99: 975 Mithril Ore Mining Level Required: 55 Experience Gained: : 3,200 | Post-99: 1,200 Additional Information: Used to make mithril bars for Smithing. Adamantite Ore Mining Level Required: 70 Experience Gained: : 3,800 | Post-99: 1,425 Additional Information: Used to make adamant bars for Smithing. Runite Ore Mining Level Required: 85 Experience Gained: : 5,000 | Post-99: 1,875 Additional Information: Used to make rune bars for Smithing. Mining Sites There are plenty of mines located throughout Lunaris, with certain ones being preferred over others due to certain factors, such as the ores available and the mine's distance from a bank. Here are the best Mining sites: The Drawven Mine (Falador Mine) Low levelled rocks, such as copper, clay and tin rocks are all located south of the main entrance. The higher level rocks, such as coal, gold, mithril, and adamantite rocks are near the Mining Guild. 2 gold rocks are located to the East of the Mining Guild. 5 coal rocks may be found there also. A bit to the North-West, there are 3 adamantite rocks, 2 mithril rocks, 3 iron rocks, and 3 coal rocks. To the East, there is the Falador entrance. Further North, there are iron, tin, copper and 3 coal rocks. The very South of The Dwarven Mine is the Mining Guild. You can find 2 runite rocks if you turn East soon as entering the Mining Guild. There is also a bank chest on the far West. Donator Zone - 1 Extra Features XpBook Obtained through voting pvming crystal keys player , redeeming this book grants you 50% experience boost for 10 min 30 mins or 3hrs and can be stacked with skilling outfits dxp ring and dxp events Mining Skill Pet / Rock Golem The Rock Golem is a skilling pet that can be obtained while training Mining. The chances of getting it are dependent on the player's Mining level, and the time it takes to accumulate a resource. Mining Mastery When you have reached level 99 in the Mining skill, you can purchase the Mining skill cape and hood for 100,000 coins from the Wise Old Man, who is located in the small house North-West of Edgeville.
  10. * Big guide, use contents / ctrl + f for quick search Contents ◦ Introduction ◦ Jewellery - Moulds - Basic Jewllery - Gems ◦ Leather - Tanning - Cowhide Leather - Dragonhide Leather ◦ Extra Features ◦ HiScores ◦ Skill Mastery ◦ Experience Table Introduction Crafting is a skill involves you taking raw materials and creating interesting items from them like crafting leather into various garments and armour pieces or turning gold bars and gems into delicate items of jewellery, which can be enchanted with the Magic skill. As you advance Crafting levels, you will unlock the ability to create much more wild and exciting objects that can be very useful to a player, such as dragonhide armour. Jewellery Possibly the most popular use for Crafting, using the skill it is possible to craft multiple items of jewellery out of a wide range of precious metals and stones, some of which can be enchanted using the Magic skill. Moulds In order to craft any form of jewellery, you first require a mould to shape the base material used for the item. The mould differs for each type of item, and they can be found and bought from Bob at ::Shops. Ring Mould Necklace Mould Bracelet Mould Amulet Mould Basic Jewellery Gold Ring Level Requirement: 5 Material Requirement: Gold Bar Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 600 | Post-99: 225 Gold Necklace Level Requirement: 6 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 800 | Post-99: 300 Gold Bracelet Level Requirement: 7 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,000 | Post-99: 375 Gold Amulet Level Requirement: 8 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,200 | Post-99: 450 Gems Gems are rare stones that are usually only found buried within rocks, and can be randomly obtained by mining the rocks. Gems are also often common creature drops, and can also be mined from Gem Rocks, but that is a Extreme Donator+ feature only. When obtained, gems will almost always be in their raw uncut form, and must be cut before being used for jewellery. Uncut sapphire to uncut diamond can be bought from Bob at ::Shops. Uncut Sapphire Level Requirement: 20 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,000 | Post-99: 750 Uncut Emerald Level Requirement: 27 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,700 | Post-99: 1,012.5 Uncut Ruby Level Requirement: 34 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,400 | Post-99: 1,275 Uncut Diamond Level Requirement: 43 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,300 | Post-99: 1,612.5 Uncut Dragonstone Level Requirement: 55 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 5,500 | Post-99: 2,062.5 Uncut Onyx Level Requirement: 67 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 6,700 | Post-99: 2,512.5 Gem-Encrusted Jewellery The main jewellery crafted, these items have got the higher level (sapphire+) gems embedded into them. In order to make this, you require a gold bar, the cut version of the gem you wish to embed, and the mould of the type of jewellery you wish to create. These items can also be enchanted with Magic to give them item-specific abilities. Sapphire Ring Level Requirement: 20 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,600 | Post-99: 600 Sapphire Necklace Level Requirement: 22 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,200 | Post-99: 825 Sapphire Bracelet Level Requirement: 23 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,400 | Post-99: 900 Sapphire Amulet Level Requirement: 24 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,600 | Post-99: 975 Emerald Ring Level Requirement: 27 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,200 | Post-99: 825 Emerald Necklace Level Requirement: 29 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,400 | Post-99: 900 Emerald Bracelet Level Requirement: 30 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,600 | Post-99: 975 Emerald Amulet Level Requirement: 31 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,800 | Post-99: 1,050 Ruby Ring Level Requirement: 34 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,800 | Post-99: 1,050 Ruby Necklace Level Requirement: 40 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,000 | Post-99: 1,125 Ruby Bracelet Level Requirement: 42 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,200 | Post-99: 1,200 Diamond Ring Level Requirement: 43 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,400 | Post-99: 1,275 Ruby Amulet Level Requirement: 50 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,400 | Post-99: 1,275 Dragonstone Ring Level Requirement: 55 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,000 | Post-99: 1,500 Diamond Necklace Level Requirement: 56 Default Game Mode: 3,600 | Post-99: 1,350 Diamond Bracelet Level Requirement: 58 Default Game Mode: 3,800 | Post-99: 1,425 Onyx Ring Level Requirement: 67 Default Game Mode: 4,600 | Post-99: 1,725 Diamond Amulet Level Requirement: 70 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,000 | Post-99: 1,500 Dragonstone Necklace Level Requirement: 72 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,200 | Post-99: 1,575 Dragonstone Bracelet Level Requirement: 74 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,400 | Post-99: 1,650 Dragonstone Amulet Level Requirement: 80 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 6,000 | Post-99: 2,250 Onyx Necklace Level Requirement: 82 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,800 | Post-99: 1,800 Onyx Bracelet Level Requirement: 84 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 5,000 | Post-99: 1,875 Onyx Amulet Level Requirement: 90 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 6,600 | Post-99: 2,475 Leather You can craft various leather armour to aid you in gaining bonuses. In conjunction to the Ranged skill, it can be an essential skill to have. Tanning When you have hides, freshly skinned from monsters throughout Lunaris, they cannot be worked with. They need to be tanned by an experienced tanner. An experienced tanner can be found in Al Kharid. Leather Level Required: 1 Required Item: Cowhide Hard Leather Level Required: 3 Required Item: Cowhide Green Dragon Leather Level Required: 57 Required Item: Green Dragonhide Blue Dragon Leather Level Required: 66 Required Item: Blue Dragonhide Red Dragon Leather Level Required: 73 Required Item: Red Dragonhide Black Dragon Leather Level Required: 79 Required Item: Black Dragonhide Cowhide Leather Leather Gloves Level Required: 1 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 550 | Post-99: 206.25 Leather Boots Level Required: 7 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 650 | Post-99: 243.75 Leather Cowl Level Required: 9 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 740 | Post-99: 277.5 Leather Vambraces Level Required: 11 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 880 | Post-99: 330 Leather Body Level Required: 14 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,000 | Post-99: 375 Leather Chaps Level Required: 18 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,080 | Post-99: 405 Coif Level Required: 37 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,480 | Post-99: 555 Hard Leather Body Level Required: 28 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 1,400 | Post-99: 525 Dragon Leather Green D'Hide Vambraces Level Required: 57 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,480 | Post-99: 930 Green D'Hide Chaps Level Required: 60 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 4,960 | Post-99: 1,860 Green D'Hide Body Level Required: 63 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 7,440 | Post-99: 2,790 Blue D'Hide Vambraces Level Required: 66 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 2,800 | Post-99: 1,050 Blue D'Hide Chaps Level Required: 68 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 5,600 | Post-99: 2,100 Blue D'Hide Body Level Required: 71 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 8,400 | Post-99: 3,150 Red D'Hide Vambraces Level Required: 73 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,120 | Post-99: 1,170 Red D'Hide Chaps Level Required: 75 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 6,240 | Post-99: 2,340 Red D'Hide Body Level Required: 77 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 9,360 | Post-99: 3,510 Black D'Hide Vambraces Level Required: 79 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 3,440 | Post-99: 1,290 Black D'Hide Chaps Level Required: 82 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 6,880 | Post-99: 2,580 Black D'Hide Body Level Required: 84 Experience Rates: Default Game Mode: 10,320 | Post-99: 3,870 Extra Features Xp boosters obtained from pvming crsytal keys chest players there is 10mins 30mins and 3hrs and the books can be stacked Skill Mastery When you have reached level 99 in the Crafting skill, you can purchase the Crafting skill cape and hood for 100,000 coins from the Wise Old Man, who is located in the small house North-West of Edgeville. If Crafting was your first skill to reach 99, you will be given an untrimmed Crafting cape, but if any of your other skills are at 99, you will be given a Crafting cape (t).
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