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  1. Aw it awas a good run Lunar <3 I will miss you a shit ton on the server! Feel free to always just pm me on discord if you want to chat or some bb <3 Much Love, Hazed <3
  2. A shift click use function would also be pretty nice! thanks for the idea man ❤️
  3. Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking about the potential to add a setting or make it default to make bones get used on left click. Last few days I have been grinding lava bones for prayer and I noticed it kinda started to annoy me to put bones in the looting bag by first having to right click a bone and then use it on the looting bag. I think this would be a beautiful Quality of Life update. Let me know what you think in the poll above or in the comments down below! Much love, Hazed ❤️
  4. Haze

    SitDown ~pk cc

    Welcome Sitdown clan! I am looking forward to you guys dominating the wilderness. Goodluck pking and let's hope this will get big ❤️
  5. I think it's about him hitting 192 with sang staff and divine spirit shield =D (EDIT: Oops, that doesn't make sense with champ his HP..... he prolly got hit multiplier on. )
  6. I had a blast working together with you my friend. You will be heavily missed on the team and the server. Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to join the staff team. I wish you the very best with what’s going to be coming in your future <3 Much love, Hazed ❤️
  7. Yoooo Legend Halen at it again with the useful posts ❤️
  8. That is one hell of a pet collection Flo!
  9. Haze

    Our current situation

    He was a great admin to this server and had a great personality. He will be sorely missed...
  10. Hello everyone! At the moment we have access to 2 out of 9 of the agility rooftop courses. I would like to see all of the other rooftop courses added to create some diversity in the agility skill. I don’t know about you guys but I am getting pretty burned out from the same repetitive agility obstacle every click again.. And I think we could even give this a little twist! Lv. 10 agility. - Draynor village rooftop course. Lv. 20 agility. - Al-Kharid rooftop course. Lv. 30 agility. - Varrock rooftop course. Lv. 40 agility. - Canafis rooftop course. Lv. 50 agility. - Falador rooftop course. Lv. 60 agility. - Seers village rooftop course. Lv. 70 agility. - Pollniveach rooftop course. Lv. 80 agility. - Relleka rooftop course. Lv. 90 agility. Ardougne rooftop course. and finally last but not least! Lv. 100 agility. - custom rooftop course at home!! That last one sounds super exiting to me. This one should be best xp in game in my opinion. If this update would pass it would not necessarily mean we have to get rid of the repetitive one click agility courses. On top of all that I would also like to see the addition of recolouring graceful sets. This would purely be cosmetic and a show off of how many marks of grace someone has collected. Overall I think this would revive the agility skill a bit more. It kind of feels like a filler skill to me right now. I would like to read your ideas and feedback in below. It would also be appreciated if you could take the time to vote on the poll above. Much love, Hazed ❤️
  11. These are super nice ideas man! I like how this will make players skill and pvm together! You have so many good ideas tbh, keep em coming dude!
  12. Gonna miss you hella bad buddy 😞 I really enjoyed the times playing lunaris with you! Best of luck in real life and hope to see you again soon my man<3 Much love, Hazed ❤️
  13. Super nice video my man! Really enjoyed watching it. I am looking forward to the next episodes! Much love, Hazed ❤️
  14. Only 2 more off rank 15 on Runelocus!!! We are so close to this giveaway guys! Make sure to vote it up!