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  1. To old friends & all Lunarians Hello everyone, I've been meaning to make this post for the last couple days but have been rather busy with moving. I just wanted to make an official post regarding my whereabouts and what all happened. Recently as many of you know I've left the Administration & Staff Team. This decision was not an easy one to make by any means. For over a year now I've been helping with the development & progression of Lunaris & it has truly changed my life. Some of you may know Brandon & I met about 3-4 years ago on his old project RemotePVP & I've been around since then helping with what I can. This community is very special and is destined to be at the top. Unfortunately I can no longer procrastinate over certain goals I've neglected for far too long. I have made so many great friends here, some of which currently are inactive but returning, some who never had left. Many people come & go and unfortunately that is going to be my case until I'm in a better head space & feel more confident over where I currently stand in life. Once I'm able I will return and will help in any sense of the word. I hope some of you understand and I'm sorry to those I've let down by departing. Reachable on Discord - Help Bot#6897
  2. Bump 😃 Gonna be a great event! Begins tonight a 7:00 PM EST guys!
  3. I'm very excited over this. This will enable us to get content out faster and fix things that need fixing to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Absolutely is worth the time it takes.
  4. Thank you for this 😃 for sure useful, I even get lost in there at times.
  5. Scroll Casket 3 Hours Better Rarity 3 hours x2 Drop Rates 3 hours Double XP 3 hour No Degration 3 hour banker Pet PvP Mystery Box Ring of Vigour Korasi Sword vls swh vspear statius platebody vesta platebody statius platelegs vesta platelegs Statius helmet Zuriels Staff Morrigans body Zuriels body Morrigans legs Zuriels legs Morrigans hood Zuriels hood 1m 07gp ticket Dragon bolts unf x250 Overloads x25Morrigans throwing axes x 40Morrigans Javelins x 40 Mysterious Emblem tier 10 x2 Rev cave teleport scroll x25 Dark crab x135 overload (4) x 10 dragon throwing axe x75 Superior dragon bones X25 33
  6. The net was replaced with the skipping stones in the pond by the sponsor snake.
  7. Hey everyone, so last night as many of you know we updated. After anticipating a smooth transition from old zones to new zone I've noticed a few things were overlooked on my behalf. Below I've listed some of the things I'm currently aware of that I forgot to bring over into the new zone. If any of you can think of anything else or would like to give any input on the updates changes so far please comment below. Forgotten content Replace silver ore with tin ore in mining zone Re-add fountain to charge glories on Add farming patch/patches Replace barbarian anvil inside smithing building with proper one Until then So until the oversights above have been added to the community zone for anything left out you're still all able to access the old zones via Lunaris Wizard -> Other. Please keep in mind once we add the content above & anything else that you guys have noticed I forgot then we will be removing the zones from the teleport menu. For more info & reasoning on why these & other changes were made to the zones please refer to. Thank you.
  8. I think this is a good idea & is for sure already problematic. Earlier today someone mentioned to me that they saw someone farming the Warrior & Champion at the exact same time by going and attacking the Warrior and letting his mini fight him then running over to the Champion & attacking him to hold up both mobs at the same time.
  9. Justin

    What's your job?

    Currently I work a night job as a security guard. It's not the best of fun but it lets me help with the server while at work since it's so slow able to play during my off time. It's a pretty laid back job, I sit in a building in the evenings with my laptop & just help guide people that drive through to where their trying to go.
  10. That's what I was kinda thinking 😃 Glad you guys realize our intentions.
  11. Was really fun to watch, excited for episode 2. Make sure to check this vid out everyone!!! Drop a sub for some support!
  12. Why's this? I don't think we will revert to non moving fishing spots. This may be some sort of prestige perk we could whip up in the future where players with X fishing level are able to auto run to the spot they were previously fishing or something like that, even that kinda sounds OP. But this was to prevent players from ghost mousing away their 99s while collecting a ridiculous amount of supplies with little to no effort.
  13. Justin

    Tour time.

    Ahhh If only I was lil bit more North I could go to your Richmond show. Let me know when you guys book in Myrtle Beach, SC or something closer to my area and will sure come check it out.
  14. We're currently in discussion of something rather spicy. Can't really go into detail on it for the time being however.