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  1. Thank you for this 😃 for sure useful, I even get lost in there at times.
  2. Thank you for this guide!! Hopefully Zulrah is a lot more fun to fight now & for sure is more profitable!
  3. Very nice guide Legal, thank you for taking the time to write this up for everyone, very beneficial.
  4. Nice guide 🙂 Make that money peeps!
  5. Great guide! Thanks a lot Drr!
  6. Make sure to ::vote for free donator rank, and check out our 150m+ 07gp voting competition here.
  7. Will be updated in the next few hours.
  8. Very nice guide! I suggest you center text and increase font size/alter font color to really make it easier to read, but really nice job :)!
  9. Sweet guide 🙂 You should center it and add color to really make it pop! Also increasing the font size some might help other players read it.
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