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  1. we had are ups and downs on the server for sure, i loved the server and i'm greatful i was in the presence of a very good developer and a awesome family i can remember the first time i logged in how the community was down to my very few last days for me everyone was very helpful and cared for one another and thats what you gotta look for in a community we were one big family yes we had are fights with one another but we always worked it out and if you you left you were bound to come back to lunaris. to yaz mate you made my day always i hope the very best for you lad in game and in real life such a good lad. to atem i wanna leave you the sitdown cc make it grow and prosper-you better work on them switches bud :) your doing great. to canadianpk you been with me since day one bud one of my best friends online i hope the best for you. to brandon you never let me down on a update lad form the release of lunaris to now you always kept me happy i know we had are ups and downs but i do hope the best for lunaris. to pookie keep on keeping on fella keep grinding out those 2billion skills and knocking fellas out with that pookie powah!. to hazed man oh man imma miss you deep down someone i could reach out to with anything. anything at all! and i loved that. to sb spoken nothing to say about him hes a big nerd ❤️ jk i love you lad imma miss you just as much as hazed man keep up on helping people bud. and to everyone i love you guys you made my last year a god sent in my rsps life i wouldnt know what to do if i never met you guys i hope everyone continues the old grind man. farewells, lunariswar