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  1. Very solid guide. Definitely helped me with some issues I was having at first to be honest. The whole rock idea and continuously moving can be difficult to grasp as you have to stay ahead of it while moving.
  2. Big update! Very happy guys thanks so much for the hard work. This content is very much appreciated and I know it will make everyone very very excited
  3. I can't wait for the future of this community. I'm so excited and have been for a while. Super proud of our team and everything we've accomplished thus far. Definitely do believe that once we add in an aspect of PKing and start to focus on a PKing community everything will pick up big time. P.S. Very excited for prestige rewards 😄
  4. Welcome back! Let me know if you need anything!
  5. Bonfire at Donor Zone - Currently needs 101 fm (Not possible anymore) Needs to be changed. Maybe make it p1-p2 necessary to use for FM. More teleports to other areas like catacombs, raids 2, GWD, Dags (relekka teleport maybe) Slayer Master teleports or add Duradel at D zone Teleports for Sponsor +. Not to say make it easier for Sponsors but the only perks really are the GWD entrance, free traveling and the sponsor snake drops. Which tbh the perks of the pets aren't all that great for what you donate for. Maybe a glider in D zone for Top Donor/Heroic + Superior Slayer Monsters - Removing Imbued Heart from slayer masters points - Adding eternal gem to drops of superiors. Abby Demons Kill count at Catacombs Skotizo needs to be released. (Ancient shards are the same drop rate for all monsters in Catacombs?) I've gotten 2 from killing monsters there for 2 prestiges. That's horrible. I have 10 statues and still dont have arclight yet. Really sucks not being able to use an arclight at blacky or Zammy. Twisted buckler can't be broken down? Needs to be able to guys. It's insane. It's a raid item. Even if it's trash for shards, 10-20k. Whatever. It's still a rare drop. Cape after prestiging - Now this has been suggested. I'm all for not being able to wear max capes if you're not maxed. Now I dont know exactly how the new prestige system will work so I guess let's wait and see what happens. Super Anti Fires - Need to be added in. Coconut milk added to secondary store so you can make Antidote ++? Not sure I havent made these yet I only get them from drops Noted pots decanting - Just make it more expensive that unnoted. Seriously. Big GP dump right there (Lynchys Idea) - Smashing of vials when they are finished. Instead of being empty in inventory. Chewed Bones - The pyre needs to be added for players that have these. Rarity Items in Wilderness - Now this is something that has been talked about for a while and in 1.0 the whole idea of having unique claws or a 1 hit weapon was insane and no one went into wilderness because of it. We now have the issue again with people having strong 1 hit items that can hit 80's-90's (106 max without prot on) through prayer. Yes yes I know what you'll say "Oh yeah just TB him and pile the person. PK it. But that doesn't remove the issue of the next person having it. There's got to be a skill difference in pking. The idea of having the same items/weapons but oh hey this guy can smack a 95 on me but my max hit is a 60 maybe. Doesn't make any sense to me from a PKing aspect. ASK ANY PKER. They will say the same thing. Rooftop agility looks scuffed - http://prntscr.com/s1wvbi Also clicking something from a distance, you run up to do the action. I.e. Climb wall - It doesn't perform action and you have to click again Stairs at slayer tower that go up to gargoyles. You can stand behind the wall and click and it will bring you up instead of having to go around to the bottom of that actual staircase part. I will be adding more as I see fit and if there's any other ideas that pop into my head
  6. I will check later today.
  7. Terror

    Prestige Bug

    All good, now just to fix the 3 herblore guams bc I had to use a lamp to get herb up after prestiging to 2
  8. Never ever add a dxp ring to donor shop. That would ruin it's price and value.
  9. Terror

    Prestige Bug

    Thanks B. We can close the topic 🙂
  10. Does it continue on after each prestige?
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