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  1. Very good guide brother Thank you!
  2. Globe 1- Dicing zone Teleport then run east to ice mountain. Go to the highest of it then shake Globe 2-Fishing zone teleport then run on white wolf mountain. Head towards the gnome glider slightly east of it and shake globe Globe 3- Agility teleport. Roof top courses then select ardougne. Run south west to the ardy zoo and go to the penguin exhibit. Shake the globe Globe 4-Teleport to kbd. run north of the tele spot towards the frozen waste plateau. Shake globe around lvl 52 wild. Globe 5-Teleport to rock crabs, Exit area south towards house portal and run east towards Keldagrim entrance. Go on the mountain and shake. Globe 6- Teleport to Vorkath. For this you will need a full dragon key. Run behind him and shake the globe Globe 7- Teleport to donator zone then click the portal next to fountain. Go to wyverns but do not enter the wyverns area. Run north and shake! Globe 8-Teleport to zammy gwd. exit to main kc area. Head west of the bridge and shake globe. Globe 9- Go to training tab and tele to yaks. Run north and go across the bridge. Then go across the second bridge, Run slightly east and shake globe. Globe 10- Teleport to the gnome agility course and exit south then run west to eagles peak. Shake globe when on eagles peak Pictures are globe locations in order!
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