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  1. We're happy that you agree with the changes and want to play more! We're also glad you're here @Pup #GayIronMenSquad 😛 lol
  2. Ah true, this would be a useful ring for my ironman, since it does not yet have a DXP ring. Thanks for clearing things up for me.
  3. It would be nice to be able to hover over any item and it will just automatically show its basic stats, so therefore I do agree with this post if there is some where to make it happen.
  4. Brandon couldn't of said it better man. This is a really great post, you spent a lot of time on it and that is really great. I support all of these the things in this suggestion thread as well. ❤️ Blisziful
  5. Oh okay, how would that stand up against the DXP ring? Just curious because I never take mine off, but if there was an incentive where something gave more even if it was just in Slayer then I would definitely be for that.
  6. I don't think we should nerf the dragon tasks, as there will be a LOT more tasks once the whole current re-work is done on all of the lower tier task levels of Slayer. Other than that, I think most of the things you are suggestion are in the works already. Great suggestion thread, well written and organized! ❤️ Blisziful
  7. What does the Ring of Slayer (e) do versus a normal Slayer Ring (8)?
  8. Yeah, Obor was a sick addition. I'm not sure if a lot of people are killing him yet, but I definitely enjoyed it! Plus his club adds a new thing to grind for cosmetically!
  9. I agree that just because we choose a harder gamemode doesn't mean we shouldn't get rewarded. We should, because we are taking on a much harder and longer challenge/journey. A lot of normies would probably disagree with this idea, but I feel unless they have played ironman mode for a major amount of time- they don't truly understand the struggle for drops etc as we cannot just go to the auction house and pick and choose what we want to buy.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion on the forums! Here are my thoughts / spinoff ideas from what you have suggested thus far: #1 = Agree #2 = Disagree - I disagree with this because I honestly don't think that it is that hard to currently decant potions. Even as a HCIM. I use my Pack Servant and have everything noted, and then un-note, decant, and then use back on the servant. Then repeat. I know a lot of others have suggested it, but we don't want to have too many things that make the game easier. The grind is what makes it fun, and I know you like grinding! #3 = Agree #4 = Neutral / Need More Information = Although I am not quite sure how I feel about the whole minigame aspect. I have been scoping out other servers to see if there was any additions that I think could be useful to make Lunaris the best it can be. I know that skilling definitely gets boring doing the same things over and over again, and I may have found a solution- The "Skilling Task Master" which gives you a completely random skilling task, and has it's own shop of things related to skilling such as packs of various supplies by skill class. What do you think about this idea? # 5 = Agree = Especially useful for ironmen players to track what outfits, pets, items, rare drops, etc that they have or have not received yet. I have found another place that has a full list so if this got approved, I could supply you will a full list of ALL items possible or send you screenshots of the one that I have found elsewhere @Brandon - let me know! ❤️ Blisziful
  11. And they are strong enough with the right stats and complimentary gear! I agree with Halen that this would be a poor choice for a few reasons. 1. It would be extremely over powerful, especially with people who are maxed or at fairly higher prestiges (Ex 115+). That combined with a vast assoratment of very strong rarities plus Overloads and high level prayers would just be too much. 2. If we did that, it would be a stepping zone to others suggesting more customs that are not needed which we don't want as we are trying to mirror OSRS as best as we can. A few are okay, but more than a few is just too much. Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion though. We would rather have people suggesting turned down ideas then not suggesting them at all. No idea is a dumb one (in theory), but some are things that are just not applicable to the current circumstances. Please x10 do not let this one un-accepted idea steer you away from suggestion other ideas. You never know what the staff team or community could say. That's the whole fun in the forums! ❤️ Blisziful
  12. Customs like this are a big 👎 from me. Sorry Pookie 😞 I ❤️ you though!
  13. Welcome to Lunaris! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to the community on our forums! It's great to learn about you and who you are! If you need anything, be sure to let me or a fellow staff member of mine know as we are always glad to help out! Enjoy! ❤️ Blisziful
  14. Thanks for taking the time to make an official introductory post on the forums for the rest of the community to learn about you from. I myself, already know you and you are one of my #IronManBTW buds! I've enjoyed playing with you thus far, and can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks for picking Lunaris as you're home- we are honored to have you. If you need anything or have questions don't EVER hesitate to reach out to me or another one of my fellow staff members! ❤️ Blisziful
  15. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself! It's always great to learn about people and where they come from / their culture. I too work in the restaurant business. What type of food does the one you work at serve? Anyway, if you need anything to be sure to let me or another staff member know. Glad to have you apart of our community 🙂 ❤️ Blisziful