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  1. Glad to see a lot of the OG boys and new players! Glad to be back!
  2. I will try and get more information on this if I can ASAP. May have to log back into OSRS and do some running around, just not sure how I would track it. I could use RuneLite and pull up the coordinates. Is there nothing on Google about this? Just curious.
  3. You can also put noted items into the storage pet as well! And I hope we don't change it. It's so useful!
  4. Let's be real, all his guides are sick a'f.
  5. You can also get them from the pet mystery boxes as well, but it's quite rare.
  6. Almost forgot about some of these, glad I was browsing. Now that I'm working on two ironmen, I need all the space I can get!
  7. You can also get it from the pet mystery boxes.
  8. Thanks for sharing Death, I'm sure this will be quite useful to the newer community members of Lunaris! -Blisziful
  9. Bump (this is still a thing right :P)
  10. I didn't think of the Perdu one, and I've been here for quite a while! I'm sure this is going to free up a lot of bank space for current and new Lunarians! Thank you for the guide 🙂
  11. Thank you for another great guide! I'm sure it will help a lot of new Lunarians!
  12. We need masters too! EDIT: I didn't see you said we were adding Masters. Oof
  13. I didn't know that! That's cool 🙂 I was wondering what that was. Didn't even click on it because I thought it was just a poll booth. Although, since this zone isn't used often, they should put something like this at home! but thanks for sharing! Also @gin why all the diamond necklaces?
  14. This is also a good place for IRONMEN players to sell their items as well, to avoid having to alch large quantities of items!
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