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  1. Below is a list of suggestions that are crucial for Pkers and attracting new clans. 1. Add a setting to swap Rigour and Augury with eagle eye and mystic might. 2. Host tournament NPC every hour there would be a randomized tournament, like max str,dh,no arma, max nh, max hybrid, mystic barrows hybrid, ect automatically. Alot of servers have this, very good for promoting the server. 3. Change the xp drops to the same as osrs for combat. 4. Add Charged glorys, Dragonstone dragon bolts (e), Stamina potions, Anti Venom potions, Angler fish, Spirit shield,Granite mauls, God capes, Ancient book To a coin shop. 5. Lower the price of climbing boots from 400k to around 20k, Royal Seedpod to 20m bloodmoney(kept on death), Rune pouch to 10m (Kept on death) 6. Add vesta, craw bow, vig mace ect to revenants drop table, will promote more clan activity at revs. 7. Buff the battlemages drop table, add Kodai wand, ancestral, mages books, infinity boots, master wands to it. This is the same on other servers to promote Magebank Pking, thus clan activity. 8. Fix the magebank lever, should take 1 tick to pull lever then teleport in, currently you can teleport in 2 tiles away. 9. Webs need to be fixed at magebank, currently they are always slashed. 10. Add the correct amount of Bats between magebank hut and mining hill, currently no bats, also made aggro. 11. Fix pirate hut, you cannot go inside. Also pirate npc need added, the correct amount to osrs and made aggressive. 12. Fix Magebank stairs, You cant go down. Add the correct npcs down below, including coding the gates and crevice corretly. 13. Ardy webs east of magebank need coded properly aswell, 1 tick to slash if successful. 14. Add the hell hounds NPC beside ardy webs/resource area making them aggressive too. 15. Add axes to the axe hut, exact same thing as the pirate hut, cant go in ect ect 16. Make resource area cost 50k Bloodmoney to enter instead of 7k coins, also tick delays to enter so you cant spam in and out. 17. Add Ice platue, Black Chinchompa and Greater Demons teleports to the wilderness teleports. 18. Buff magic accuracy, from the little time Ive used barrage you splash on full tank alot. 19. Add the inferno boss and make the cape only obtainable through it. 20. Ether brace should wield to gloves slot, not ring. 21. Lower the prices of rune and barrows gloves, or make them kept on death. 22. Add free timer, teleblock timer, vengeance timer ect. Will add more at some point.