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  1. Really hope to see you back on the relaunch... regardless, you will be sorely missed. Best of wishes + take it easy
  2. Farming Lava Dragons you say...? I'll see you there 😉 :beware: OT: I think this would certainly be a helpful feature, could perhaps just change global shift-click options in extra settings in something. Defaults to drop items
  3. I like the idea behind a new armor being introduced via a wilderness boss--as I think this would indeed bring loads of activity to the wilderness. I do have to say, though, that primal armor is based out of Dungeoneering-a skill we do not have on Lunaris; In addition, the balance team is making efforts to move away from the OP rs2-like gears that existed then. Also, We don't want tons of overpowered weapons and armor, the regular godwars gear, etc is extremely powerful as it stands-especially if you're prestiged a few times. ' TL;DR - I like the concept behind a new Wilderness boss that drops armor unique to it, but I don't know whether the balance team wants to veer off the OSRS path at all right now.
  4. Infernal cape for RevengeStarted at 6:45pmEnded at 6:55pm
  5. THREAD IS A WORK IN PROGRESS LEFT FOR DINNER IN THE MIDDLE OF IT Warrior's Guild Getting there The warrior's guild is located in Burthope, and can be accessed via the teleports menu: Magical Animator location: https://gyazo.com/2a1bf7308e29f5959ba22a210210bda3 Concept In order to access the room that contains the cyclops (who will drop your defender(s)), you will need to get some warriors guild tokens Players must bring a set of metal armor, such as adamant or iron, consisting of a full helmet, platelegs, and a platebody. To begin the minigame, the player use a piece of their full armor set on the animation machine. The armor will come to life and begin attacking the player. Upon defeating the animated armor, the player may pick their armor set up again along with tokens for defeating it. Higher-level armor sets are stronger but reward more tokens upon defeating them. The amount of rewarded tokens based on which animated armor you defeat is listed below: (EXAMPLE:) https://i.gyazo.com/eb7359a383ac7a6554a5935205277f86.mp4 Once you have sufficient tokens you continue, simply travel upstairs (twice---to the top floor!)
  6. I remember suggesting this a long time ago when I was camping here aswell.. Would definitely be nice to see a KC on that thing, I've probably killed at least 3,000 by now lol. Can confirm that it's not a bug though--just has never had a KC tracker up to this point :P. Thanks for your time to make this thread hopefully one day we'll get one :P
  7. I thought some people might find it helpful if I posted a map of the catacombs here on the forums. These are the locations of the npcs you can find within the catacombs. To get to the catacombs currently, use the Lunar Wizard, navigate to "Training" teleports, and on the last page click on
  8. Honestly great to hear news like this, as I could only imagine how overwhelming all of the back-end development gets for you. In the long run, doing this now is only going to provide us with more amazing content + help Lunaris grow I would have to agree it's a good investment :)
  9. Infernal cape for Lunariswar Started at 2:30pm Ended at 2:47pm
  10. Minimum price I can charge you for an infernal service is 2B.
  11. You tell me! lol. Gotta be insanely lucky, im like 50 kills dry of armor now lol =P Still, awesome to have my hands on those =)
  12. How exactly would adding armor that outclasses the armor people have been saving & collecting as best in slot 'stabilize' the prices? I don't want it added because there is no location in the game for it to logically come from, it would have to only be offered in the store. Perhaps if we had more content where it could reasonably come from, it would make more sense. But the server's direction is in the way of OSRS right now, and I definitely don't see another top-tier custom armor being added to the sets we have.... Justiciar-damage reduction, torva-str bonus,higher max hp, gwd armors-non-degradeable, comparable stats, where does this new armor fall in? Do we need damage reducing best in slot strength armor? Do we need better gear than we already have in the game? Is there any reason the gear that currently exists is not good enough to be used? I'm just curious what reason there would be to believe adding a new best-in-slot armor to the game would benefit us. Rarity nex+justiciar does the job of being able to outclass the existing armors. If this was a poll, it'd be a definite no from me.
  13. Hulk does not drop nex armor anymore, the only place to obtain rarity pieces now is from Nex. I still believe that adding new armors like this to the game---where no content exists for them to be added--would be detrimental to the economy. You'd be ONLY offering perhaps the best armors in the store.
  14. Managed to grab myself a pair of uncommon torva platelegs in a Nex solo this morning :) Didn't show the stats in the video, but here they are:
  15. I absolutely positively disagree with this idea for two reasons: we have nex armors that increase your maximum hp, and have heightened stats over godwars armors as is There is no content where these items could be dropped from that would fit into the 'lore', so to speak, of lunaris. Currently all of the gear (apart from ultra swag) has a location to be obtained from that makes game + economical sense. Adding new armors that outperform these would make Nex and Godwars even more obsolete.