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  1. welcome to the ironmen club. If you have any questions about ironman, feel free to ask me
  2. gratz bud. first FP i played and I won too :)
  3. NoOne

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    yup. plus it defaults to make all XD
  4. rip. prices too high for me =( kinda wish i got it before it went up.
  5. would be nice if the slayer ring teleport worked since i bought the upgrade thinking it was the same as osrs and am stuck with 100 rings XD
  6. NoOne

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    definitely worth it especially for pures since the other 3 books are the style specific ones (example: book of law for range boost, book of darkness for magic boost, and book of war for strength/melee boost). Page might be hard especially for ironmen and people that dont really do clue scrolls but I can see the dagannoth mother boss fight from the quest being the minigame needed to unlock them similar to how we do the waves from rfd for the gloves.
  7. NoOne

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    pookie got ironman trading powers yet? =]
  8. NoOne

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    rather use dfs or one of the god books at that point XD Speaking of which, are we ever getting the rest of the god books?
  9. NoOne

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    can't. apparently i need redwood for the black dhide ones and i don't have prestige 6 yet.
  10. same. map feels kinda empty atm.
  11. will fishing at zone behind bank be the same as top/donar zone were the fishing spots are static instead of moving around which allows for afk fishing while working?
  12. What is the cost of these now a days?
  13. are the boss tasks going to be separated from wilderness (boss) tasks?