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  1. nice idea. the instance cost is kinda high for most people in game especially irons.
  2. They essentially did this in 1.0 and that is where most of the dxp and row(i)s came from. Not great for the eco imo.
  3. nice idea. With regards to the scrolls, they should be 1 time purchase auto unlocks. Meaning as soon as you buy, it uses automatically on you to unlock the prayer instead of giving you a scroll to prevent scrolls flooding the market. For the bonus exp rings, something similar should apply. They should be nontradable so you don't devalue the lunar warrior and flood the market with his drop. Could re purpose the slayer ring for this one making them into slayer ring (i) which applies the exp boost to all skills.
  4. NoOne

    Prestige Bug

    dam. hope it got fixed.
  5. It previously had a "store" option on them instead of attack and they "fixed" it by removing that option all together instead of replacing it with the proper attack option according to the recent update logs.
  6. Nice Job compiling this. Got a few updates for ya of locations to add (or remove): Birds (Any bird creature counts) - Lumbridge (Chickens can be killed for this task) Black Dragons - Zanaris (Use raw chicken on the chicken statue to go there) Greater Demon - Catacombs of Kourend Rats - Lumbridge Swamp Rogue - Remove the mage arena one. These don't work until Brandon decides to fix the lvl 15 rogues. Shades - Catacombs of Kourend Spiders - East of home area you will find jungle spiders
  7. I agree with these. I believe Brandon said there already is a cape you can use when prestiging (the comp cape) but he didn't respond when I asked how we get it so who knows if it is even in the game.
  8. didnt even know dxp and row werent tradable. thought jamio was already lending them out.
  9. nice update to weapon game.
  10. Can we get outdated post (stuff tied to Lunaris 1.0 or beta that isn't valid anymore) moved to an archive section to cleanup the forums a bit? This should also apply to searching on forum. It should search on non archive post only and give you the option to include the archive posts in your search. Currently the forums feels cluttered and/or outdated. This would help clean things up a bit and allow us to see better what posts are still active (and what guides are missing that need to be worked on).
  11. NoOne


    I have testing this out before and noticed the same. Would also be nice to get a confirmation message when putting stuff on the auction house before they are listed that tells you "Are you sure you want to sell X (amount) of Y (items) for Z (price each)" to try to avoid these kinds of scenarios.
  12. PREREQUISITE: In game account must be linked to forum account CATEGORIES: Bugs and Suggestions OPTIONAL FEATURES: Ability to record 30 seconds of game play to attach to feedback/report. OPTIONAL CATEGORY: Report player option with a list of the current rules in a drop down. Must choose the rule the player is breaking when submitting this report. These reports should only be visible by staff and the person who submitted it. Add the ability to provide feedback inside the game after you link your in game account to forum account. The feedback button should give you 2 categories (bug and suggestion) which will in then create a forum post under your name in their respected areas using the information you provided in game. A lot of things get complained about and not reported because there isn't an in game option for reporting and most cant be asked to go to forum. This solves the issue and can be even extended on by giving the option down the line to capture 30 seconds (or some time) of game play to submit along with the feedback to better show bugs and such.
  13. I agree with this. we definitely need the ability to filter things out of chat.
  14. Those rates are too low and I get more combat exp doing other stuff. Only one that may be worth is prayer if scaled up for the folks that don't have bones or if you could use the points for experience on the minime since training the minime takes a long time and this could be a helpful alternative for it. An Alternative to the experience for points would be to allow people to buy random supplies with points like bars, herbs, seeds and logs.
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