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  1. Raids 1 Item Hunt! Good day Lunaris! On 4/29/19 We will be meeting at raids 1 for a special event! This event will be a large scale team event! We will be starting the event at 7PM EST! Once everyone gets together at the raids entrance we will split up into as many teams as we can! The first team to obtain a Tekton exclusive drop wins a reward! The rewards that Tekton offers are below. (Also ancestral hat but i cant find mine :p) If your team wins you, everyone in the team will get to pick from a goodiebag I will offer!
  2. DH Tournament! Hello Lunarians! This Friday the 26th we will be having a massive DH PKing Tournament starting at 7PM EST. Are you ready to put your PKing skills to the test?! Rules: There is a 250m buy in fee for entering. Be between lvl 124-126 to participate. Everything will be supplied! Reward! The last man standing in this tournament will win 50m in OSRS GP! Good luck everyone and may the best DH'er win!
  3. Pet Harvest Good day Lunarians! Come join me in the pet hunting event! The event will be on 4/12/19 starting at 9am! Once the event starts you will have 24 hours to obtain the pets that I choose! If you obtain the pet you must screenshot it with #Drr's pet harvest in the picture and submit it on this thread! Once the 24 hours is up or all pets I choose have been claimed I will hand out rewards! THE PETS I CHOOSE ARE "LIL BLACKY, CORP, CALLISTO, ROCKY(THIEIVING) AND ROCK GOLEM! Good luck to all and i hope to see many pets obtained!
  4. Easter On Lunaris! Easter is here for a limited time! Make sure to come and slay this bunny impostor! During the event you can log into Lunaris and speak with "qutiedoll" who is walking home. He will teleport you to the location this "bunny" rests. One you are teleported there will be a table near you that you pick up the eggs needed to damage the bunny. Once geared up and ready you will find him to the north of the teleportation location. The boss has a spawn timer of 10 minutes. Everyone at the location will receive a reward once he is vanquished. These rewards will vary from skilling supplies to Easter exclusive rewards! Make sure you don't miss out on snagging some of these very nice rewards before he moves on! https://discord.gg/Qdq7Y5f
  5. 100M OSRS NH Tournament Lunarians! On Friday April the 19th we will be having our first ever NH (No honor) PKing tournament! If you are unaware of what this type of PKing is check the bottom of the thread for an explanation. We will be gathering at the Mage Bank at 7PM EST to get into our teams before we start the blood bath! Tourney begins at 8:00 PM EST This Pking event will put your abilities to the ultimate test and only 1 player will be crowned the winner and walk away with 100m in OSRS GP! Do you think you have what it takes? I can't wait to see you all push yourselves to your limit to win this and be known as the NH Champion! (NH Pking is when you tribrid (use range, mage and melee options) but you have protection prays activated and switch between them depending on what your enemy is using and try to kill them before they kill you.) P.S. AT EVENT LOCATION YOU MAY NOT ATTACK ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE EVENT WHILE THE EVENT IS ACTIVE!
  6. drrdeath

    Jad Hunt

    Jad Hunting Lunarians we will be setting out on a quest to tame one of the most vicious of monsters! On 3/27/19 at 6PM EST the hunt will begin for this beast! The event will last until this monster is obtained! If you are the person who tames the mighty Jad first you will win Riches you could only dream about! After you have obtained the pet you must take a screen shot of this achievement saying #drrdeathsjadevent and post it below! If you manage to get this pet in less attempts then my Ironman then you will get a bonus reward! All rewards will be pain once I get online.
  7. Welcome and thank you for choosing to join us here on Lunaris! Below will be a detailed guide of what we have to offer and where some useful information can be found. If you feel i have missed or left anything out feel free to comment below or message me directly. Events: NPC's you can find at home: Features to remember: What to do after you join: After you join and you have gotten your combat stats up a bit and your asking yourself what should i do now? You can come take a look at out money making a boss guides. There is a wide selection of different guides you can read to help you figure out what sounds the most interesting for your playing style from casual PvM to Bossing and even Skilling to make some extra cash. You can click HERE To view our guides. Thank you for joining our community we are very happy to have you all here with us!
  8. Last Updated: 2/14/2019 This is a work in progress. Lmk The prices of items and items im missing Please use this format Item= Price= Picture Url (if 1)= Skilling Suppiles Rares/Cosmetics Armour Weapons Miscellaneous Donation Mystery Boxes Donation Scrolls
  9. Weapons Game! Hello Lunarians! On 4/24/19 I will be hosting a mass weapons game event! The event will start at 7PM EST and will last for 1 hours! Make sure you are inviting your duo Ironman partner so you both can get that sweet sweet Infernal cape! To gain access to this minigame location you will use the Lunar Wizard at home and select the minigame option and then select "weapons game" where you will be teleported into the lobby. At the end of each round the winner will get to choose from the Goodiebag that I will be supplying! Not to mention all you need is 3 kills inside the minigame to earn point to spend at the weapons game store! This is where you can unlock the beloved infernal cape along with many other items! Good Luck Lunarians! I hope to see alot of you Ironmen with new infernal capes after this! P.S THIS IS IRON FRIENDLY!