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  1. cant sleep so might as well sign up for this event XD https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/696-hello-there-dear-lunarians/
  2. Hi there, My name is Tom or as I am known in game avalance, I'm a 24 years old Facility Management graduate that is currently taking extra courses in IT and project management and Java-engineering. Also I'm from Holland. Currently I'm working as a cook in a restaurant in Holland in the province of Groningen. I started playing Lunaris about a month ago and so far I loved it. After maxing my rs3 account I was looking for something fun to do. Together with a friend we started looking for servers that support duo/group ironman and so I found Lunaris. He quit after 2 weeks (tops), but i kept playing. The game and content are fine, but the real reason I enjoy Lunaris is you guys, the community. The time I have available for freetime I try to get online, but because of work, study and sports this has not been the greatest amount of time lately. But as a closing note, I'm very pleased I got to meet this great community and see you in-game!! Greetings Avalance
  3. @Last Resort Very nice post with lots of ideas on how to get more people into the wilderness, another idea would be a slowly growing xp multiplier that would eventually give you 150 - 200% base xp. This would trigger people to stay in danger zones for a longer time which brings greater risks for greater rewards.
  4. In case of worth counting software, what keeps a player from just typing something like: Sorry for this pretty extreme example but it is how some word counting software is programmed. Should we have a forum moderator that looks at the posts on a regular basis and has the ability to but posts up to vote if they should be removed if it does not contribute to a post at all? This to filter out some posts that do have the word count but are basically pure nonsense.
  5. I definitely like the concept of duo ironman being able to re-link, started together with a friend, but he quit after 4 days and haven seen him for the last month so yeah…. I think that the idea of having to prestige atleast once is a good way of stopping abuse of the system, this in combination with the long cooldown (30 days) of your partner not being active is a good way to prevent abuse. As an addition to that maybe you could make it so that the new partner should also have prestiged atleast once so both players have atleast some experience with the game. This could prevent people from getting new ironman to high stats and high gear easily (assuming prestige 1 players have some gear unlocked).
  6. I think it is a good idea to do this, it will get more people to the forums, might give suggestions more feedback or make big collective projects possible. On the options given: Option 1, forums shop: Do you want to add cosmetics here or do you also want helpfull items for in game (like skilling and combat gear)? Option 2, Forums shop for unlockables: This indeed seems like a better idea then option 1, this will give you permanent unlocks for being active on the forums. Some ideas for unlockable items: Holy Wrench (makes prayer potions/super restore potions give back more prayer points) Unfinished potion making feature for the decantor (he would charge you coins to combine herbs and vials of water into unfinished potions) The wilderness spells and staffs (Claws of guthix, Saradomin strike & Flames of zamorak) + possible buff for pvp Private Hunter area (for the upcoming hunter expansion) Armadyl/Ancient/Bandos godbooks (these would give easy accesible stat boosts in off-hand slot) Blessings (scroll items you could put in your ammo slot for a prayer bonus (and possible other bonusses based on scroll) -> use for ammo slot with melee Option 3, unlocks with more points/posts See the list at option 2, but you could make it in a different order by how massive the upgrade influences your account!
  7. Detailed Agility Guide A detailed guide to Agility for all Lunarians!! Table of Contents 1.Introduction 2. How to get there? 3. Agility Courses - Gnome Agility Course - Barbarian Agility Course - Wilderness Agility Course (50+ wildy) - Seers Rooftop Course - Ardougne Rooftop Course 4. Extra ways to train 5. Bonus Experience 6. Experience Tables 7. Rewards - skillcape -marks of Grace - Agility Arena Tickets. -Agility Pet (Giant Squirrel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Agility is a skill that you never really think about, but you use it almost every moment you are playing. Because the higher your agility level is, the slower your run energy will deplete. Training agility is quite simple, you have to run the courses provided in the game. Every single obstacle of a course gives experience, but if you do the entire course in a full lap, you will get Bonus experience. This bonus experience will speed up your Agility Training by quite a bit. Because this is a long guide i have used some Spoilers to make the guide a bit more readable. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. How to get there? There are 2 general ways to get to the Agility Training spots. First you can go to the Lunar Wizard at Home () The second option is by typing ::teleports in-game. You will then see the Following screen -Select skilling (highlighted) -Select Agility (highlighted) -Now select which ever course you want to go to. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Agility Courses -Gnome Agility Course -Barbarian Agility Course -Wilderness Agility Course (50+ Wilderness) -Seers Village Rooftop Agility -Ardougne Rooftop Agility ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Extra ways to train - Top Donator Zone Climb-over Obstacle net (24.000 xp) - New Skilling Zone at Home Cross Stepping Stones (24.000 xp) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Bonus Experience - Experience Tomes Experience tomes offer you 50% extra experience for a set time, the tomes are dropped from various monsters and come in the varieties 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 3 hours. - Vote Party When the vote party is activated on double xp your experience will be doubled, this effect stacks with experience tomes - Double Experience Ring Its name says it all, this handy and very rare ring will double all experience you get. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Experience Tables Good luck for everybody going for 120!😁 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Rewards Skillcape Once you reach level 99 you will unlock the ability to wear the agility skillcape from the wise old man at home for 99k gold coins Marks of Grace While training Agility you might get marks of Grace, these can be handed in at Grace at Home for pieces of the Graceful outfit. Agility Arena Tickets Everytime you complete a lap on the gnome, barbarian or wilderness agility courses you will get Agility Arena Tickets. These can be handed in at Cap'n Izzy No-Beard for some extra agility experience, some herbs or a nifty pirates hook (cosmetic!) Agility Pet If you are very Lucky you might find this little guy starting to chase you while you are training Agility, if you do get him but he is not following you check Perdu at home bank ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this guide will help you training your Agility and understand how to train it!!!