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  1. let's play the game where someone writes 3 words and you have to add onto it
  2. Saint

    Mini me

    Mini-me Does not attack donor mobs
  3. I think this sounds amazing i would love to see it happen
  4. Hello Thanks, happy to be back 🙂
  5. Saint

    Mining Guide

    +1 Sponsor zone 🙂
  6. Welcome back, See you in-game 🙂
  7. Welcome back, cant wait to see you in-game 🙂
  8. Saint


    Welcome back, see you in-game less then a week.
  9. i agree 100% total donated overall should not change cause it still same thing
  10. Sell me your soul and I will let it alternate.
  11. ok i call all after the first one.
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