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  1. While some of your ideas are kinda neat, they only address the method of obtaining this item. Doesn’t really change the fact that it will be dead content because PvP is dead. Perhaps give the Korasi some kind of PvM use as well, such as bonus damage to Nex (since it’s nearly impossible to solo it with melee currently) or something along those lines.
  2. I don't think it's a bad idea. I just hope the amount of mobs will be enough.
  3. Picture should be self-explanatory 😞
  4. DM me on discord or in game. I’d like to add to your prize pool. 😄
  5. Daylon

    New DDoS Protection

    Interesting that someone would go out of their way to cause a disruption like that. Glad you guys got it squared away. Since I run a private server for a different game, if I ever find myself being targeted by DoS attacks, I'll give them a look. Thanks for the update.
  6. Henlo I am here to sign up for this wonderful event. Thank you for hosting this.
  7. Hello fellow friends and family. Brandon asked me to be more active on the forums so here I am. I like dogs.
  8. Shared storage container is a great idea. No complaints there. I also agree that the re-link option should have a severe cooldown, but I do support the option since I know that people can go MIA and putting in a lot of hours with no partner can be a bit saddening.
  9. Inferno best update. 10/10 😄
  10. I think just showing the additional rarity bonus would be a lot less confusing for the players.
  11. Favorite update is the crystal key chest revamp 🙂
  12. Alternatively, add an NPC or object that will have a 50/50 chance to upgrade the rarity of your item if you provide two of the same item and rarity.