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  1. im going to make a iron man so i dont stake my bank away 🙂 cant wait for it to be back up had the most fun on this server
  2. Awesome I only gave up because I was bored for the reasons stated above look forward to coming bk in few months Honestly one of the best servers why I keep checking in also thanks for addressing these issues and not ditching the server
  3. i finally won something in a event tyvm
  4. awesome no more lonely grinding sounds great 🙂 this will be easyier to welcome and help new members too
  5. Sounds like fun count me in if I can stay awake that is
  6. I've been bitten by a ostrich nice intro much better then mine 🙂 gotta get on the prestige grind
  7. i vote yes if it can be sonic instead 😛
  8. oo lets give this a go 🙂
  9. i aim to once i get payed 🙂
  10. looking to buy a super donator scroll pm me in game
  11. sounds fun cant wait ot take part guess im staying awake all night as im from uk
  12. well hello guys name robert been playing for 5 days enjoying it so far plan on maxing once then pvming till i have all the good gear then ill maybe pretigde cant spell dont talk much in game because im dumb so just keep to myself add me in game if u like say hello maybe do some bossing toghether been playing runescape for around 9 years maybe longer remember im not very smart so bare with me