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  1. Hey there. Ya im back. re-introduction. I'm a gay idiot who plays not enough too much runescape, and when I saw Lunaris relaunched, I figured I'd give Ultimate Ironman a go again. Anyways, my main hobby is definitely music. When there isn't a pandemic outside of my door, I play in a few bands, records some solo stuff, and started a DIY tape label. If you like anything heavy, extreme, experimental when it comes to music, we can be good friends. no telling how active i'll be on Lunaris this time around, but hope to see y'all in game. Bonus: rate my last album art i made lol
  2. Howdy. I decided to make a lil starter guide to help people break free from the early game grind as an Ultimate Ironman This is just from personal experience, and how I went about things. I probably missed some things, so let me know if I did. Anyways. Ignore the misplaced filter from my runelite scene. I didn't notice it until editing and by that point I was too lazy to re-record.
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