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  1. Pup

    What's your job?

    Tell us about your job! Or if you aren't working, tell us what else you do : ) I currently work as a Level 1 Tech Support for an Outsourcing Company. The two contracts my team focuses on are RPC and Home Depots in-store printer support. It's a super easy job, and now that I work from home it's also mostly anxiety free!
  2. Very interested in your future gains! Keep up the work on this series!
  3. Pup

    Dev Log - June. 9. 2019

    Holy Devlog Batman! Lots of great changes and fixes here. As expected from such a great team! Favorite Update has to be the skilling creation as well, makes a lot of skills less aggravating when I impulsively click the icon instead of right-clicking lol.
  4. Pup

    Tour time.

    This will be the third for this band, and my fifth overall! Unfortunately haven't been able to do more than weekend runs but hopefully we can plan a much longer trip in the near future.
  5. Pup

    Tour time.

    Will Do! Been wanting to play SC for a while, they have a pretty fun scene there. Hopefully soon! I'll try and livestream at least one set : ). If not I will at least get a recording of one to post.
  6. Pup

    Tour time.

    Hey pals. As some of you may know, I play music n stuff. My band is hitting some cities soon, and if yr close by, we would love if you came and said hey.
  7. I agree, there definitely still needs to be some incentive and reward for being a higher tier donator. It will take lots of balancing I'm sure, but I know the end result will be something everyone can agree with.
  8. Isolation and lack of community are big reasons why I stay away from many Private Servers, and the way you all have it here seems like those aren't an issue. The teams' dedication to keeping the community thriving is outstanding and seeing an update like this makes me want to play more. I am glad you all understand the importance of the people playing the game and the balance that comes from supporting them and the game integrity.
  9. Super excited! Can't wait for this update. Keep up the hard work!
  10. I didn't know you that well, but I wish you safe travels! You obviously made an impact on many people ❤️
  11. I like music people here don't like unfortunately haha. This is album of the year tho.
  12. Oh my god this sounds amazing. I need it ASAP
  13. Good progress, keep it up! Would love some commentary in the future!
  14. Pup

    New DDoS Protection

    Glad you were able to sort it out! I can't imagine the headache it must have caused.
  15. I refuse to believe anyone is an adult if they don't agree with eating cereal whenever they want.