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  1. Great update thread! and Patch notes!
  2. Wow. So pets i have had a lot of pets and plan to get many more. First off our current and live pets. King caviler Charles spaniel female "Chloe" nickname : Bug, Best friend, Sunshine puppy. Then we have Opal. not sure exactly what kind of cat she is i believe a Macon. She is a rescue also a feral cat so we have to keep her separated from my sisters cats. It took us around 3 months to be able to touch her with our hands. But now i can pick her up and pet her no problem. Now we get to my sis 2 cats Cairo and Mira. they are both rescues. Cairo is a fat lover who likes to fight on his tower. and Mira is a scared little girl who at night becomes a terror.(cairo is the orange, Mira is the black) And finally we have our chickens they provide us with eggs and some entertainment and they also eat a lot of scraps from veggies and stuff. We also Had a very special King Caviler Charles Spaniel His name was Davie and he was an amazing dog who knew when you where sick and would comfort you. and also bring joy to your eyes as he loved the wind and car/ boat rides so much you think he was crazy. RIP Big boy
  3. Very interesting idea and concept. i do like the thought and detail put into this post. This is a great idea to look into.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this stuff we will go threw it on the next meeting. Their are a few this in this list that we have discussed already. Thank you for your time 🙂
  5. We the Jr balance team has looked at the ideas posted here and have taken the time to discuss good reasons and bad reasons for all suggestions. Thank you for your feedback!
  6. We do appreciate all kinds of feed back if it is good or bad we are here to build a game that all can enjoy including us. and im 100% behind adding clues when the time is right!
  7. i feel as the rewards would be either opaf or lackluster. I also feel this would 150% label us as pay to win for sure and could turn away a lot of player base. We dont want people to come here and thinks so many people have the advantage cause they donated for items. Now they get x more xp then me its not truly fair. but in the same aspect it would be cool i agree i just think it would have more backlash which it would do more harm then good.
  8. Burnn


    https://gyazo.com/d44581adad920758ff7e9be9ee7325cf Also had Alex but the shrimp and it came across as 1m if their is anything else you did please let us know so we can address the issue.
  9. Thank you for this i agree with this where should have a way to turn it off.
  10. thank you for your app olly.
  11. Thank you for your application.
  12. How old are you - 26 Occupation / Or if you study, what is it you study? - Construction business owner Do you have children, if so, how many? - 0 When did you first start playing RS/OSPS's? - when i was around 14. and lunaris i have played for over a year. Favourite food? - don't really have a favorite i love all food. Favourite person on Lunaris? every player that plays is my fav. but if you donate i love you more 😛 Tell us one interesting / random fact about yourself! - I Bowl on a bowling league
  13. Burnn


    This is something we can look into doing. Thank you for you'r post.
  14. great job on the guide will help everyone with starting hunter!
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