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  1. Very simple and clear guide, Ujj, good job, will help a lot of people!
  2. Hey all it's ya boi, Xanterra, So with the relaunch of Lunaris I figured it would be a good opportunity to re-introduce myself to the new and old player base as many of you might not know me! My real name is Ben Graham I'm 23 and live in Perth Australia. I've been playing since the old Lunaris 1.0 early to mid last year and am currently a trusted/respected member in game and a previous beta tester, so feel free to message me on discord or in game if you need help with anything! I look forward to meeting lots ofnew people and enjoying the re-launch together!
  3. How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I have been playing Lunaris since early 2019 before 2.0 was re-launched What have you done during your game time to help other players? During my time in the Lunaris community I have helped out new and old players get started on the server or pursued them to stay on the server rather than quit after bheing wiped by gambling and losing everything, I also try where I can to help resolve disputes between the community when I see them arise How active are you on the server? Due to university and work I should be able to put in 1-2 hours a night and longer on weekends. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? I believe I would be a good fit for the position as I was a Trusted/Respected member of the Lunaris community before the re-launch and I encouraged to take the position by a couple members of the staff team Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? Yes I am able to do this Are you active in the Discord server and on forums? Too and extent, due to my timezone being so different there is only a certain level at which I can be active, however, I try to be where ever possible Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision Was previously a Trusted/Respected ranked member. Have help every staff position at some point in time in the past on various servers.
  4. 1. Have you played the previous revision of Lunaris? If so, for how long. I previously started playing the previous version of Lunaris approximately mid to late May 2019 2. Please describe your knowledge on the mechanics of OSRS, and your experience with it. I have played Runescpae and RSPS for approximately 10 years giving me a good to in-depth knowledge of most of the games mechanics, leaning more towards PvM areas of the game 3. Have you been a beta tester on a server, or have owned/been on a upper-level staff management team before? If so, please list qualifications. Previously I have never been a beta-tester on a server before,however I have filled the role of Trusted/Respected, Moderator, Administrator, and Co-Owner/ Owner of a server many years ago. 4. Are you willing to provide constructive feedback, or report any issues or bugs throughout the process of this beta testing period? For any issues/bugs/glitches I will do my best to provide a report with enough detail for it to be identifiable and fixable to other members or the beta-tester community and staff team, as well as attempting to identify mechanics and parts for the re-release I find to work exceptionally well from my experiences. 5. How often would you be able to log onto the beta world everyday? How long per day? I will attempt to log in a minimum of one hour every day depending on my personal life commitments, how ever I expect my actual play time to be able to play minimum of one or two hours every night 6. Would you be willing to work alongside the balance team in order to provide insight, and help in the final development process of Lunaris? I would be more than happy to work alongside and communicate with the balance team, other beta testers and staff members to share information and insights on my play experience
  5. Welcome back? Hi? Hello? To be fair I don't think I ever met you Terror because of time zones, so its nice to meet you man! Hopefully will see ya around on the Re-release :D
  6. Will miss you mate, if you ever want to come back you will always be welcomed with open arms. Best of wishes for the future. Xanterra
  7. This seems like a good step towards bring everyone back guys, we all know how much time money and effort the whole administrator and development teams are putting into V1.0 and V2.0 and we all appreciate it, and I know personally, I do not want you to feel rushed into releasing something that you are not 100% happy with even if that means another month or so without Lunaris 1.0 or 2.0. However, with the eco-reset I'm sure there will be questions that people will be thinking, and may not ask; 1) For those who donated, how will this affect them with the re-release, and will/how will they be compensated? E.G through store credit or in-game items 2) What is meant by a transfer program? Does this answer the above question? Or will this come in the form of a permanent advantage? E.G a new zone with increased DR etc or receiving increased DR boost on your account? I do not know if anyone else, would have any more specifically targeted questions, and if these have been addressed elsewhere I know for players like myself who have not been able to keep up with developments and updates consistently due to IRL commitments might not know where that is or have seen and announcement for it. Wish you guys all the best with the last hard slog before the release and keep up the good work! - Xanterra
  8. I have to 100% agree with this, as mentioned in my respected player application I have filled all staff roles available at one point in time or another and have not seen this level dedication not only to the server but to the players themselves and genuinely wanting to make something that can give entertainment to others for non-selfish reasons. This is very true, in the scheme of things even 6 months is not an excessive amount of time to take in order to help hone and refine a server in the way you are envisioning it Brandon, and like you said yourself after starting the server with an unstable base I'm am very impressed with how much progress and improvements not only you but the whole Lunaris staff team have made to it. I've said this to a few people while I've been playing with mixed responses, but I do believe this server can become something big, and I believe its worth it for the players to stick with it through this rough patch, you're all doing great keep it up!
  9. Xanterra

    Our current situation

    Going to be very sad not seeing him around anymore, but you'll do a great job Yaz, and you will still have a great community that will always be willing to help out you and the rest of the team! All the best mate
  10. This sounds like a really good way to improve the server and increase the community base and its interest in the game, not to mention it will take a load of stress of you and other programmers at the moment, while involving other talented programmers that might be better at certain aspects of it. When I was first reading this I was expecting it to take a month or two not weeks, so even if it does take two weeks that is not a significant amount of time without updates especially for something this major. Great job man!
  11. Mmmmmmmm these would such a juicy update, not only do they increase community interaction but they also help to make some skills more than than they usually would be.
  12. I do agree with you about Korasi having the potential to become dead content as it is only PK weapon, however, even though it is gained from a $5 casket, it is highly unlikely for someone to be able to buy one casket and get it first try, it will more than likely take 3+ boxes to open. I like the idea of the possibility of custom quests added to obtain certain items as well, how ever balancing these could be difficult, you would also find a range of quests give players who are more quest/PVM inclined more of a reason to join the server to begin with as well as branching current players activities.
  13. Anything that involves the improvement of slayer are my favorite fun skill to train and gives a opportunity to fight NPC's you might not normally, so the new easy task rework and future slayer updates are bomb
  14. Sorry for not clarifying, specifically PVM perks, with the increasing amount of top top donators and regular donators it makes it difficult to to make use out of them when one person alone is able to efficiently take four at once, as soon as multiple people are wanting to join it can cause fights when kills arent shared equally, and such a high number is required to kill for the rarer drops. Defiantly not saying to make drops less rare though. Just think it is something to consider.
  15. Moving the donator zones closer to main home is a very good idea in preventing increased isolation and previously I have mentioned to a few staff that I believe the current donator zones need a massive overhaul in general as its felt for a while that even for being a super/top donator the rewards/incentives aren't different/rewarding enough to be much different from the standard home where any player can access, or vote to gain access. To me there should still be two separate areas, one for standard donators and one for donator+ and above.