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  1. I can confidently say, and I think I speak for a lot of people, that I have never seen a development team as commited to a server and the Lunaris team is, all the updates are amazing and for the three of you to make that decision is a huge move, not only for the server but for each one of you individually. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment to the amazing server and community!
  2. Good stuff guys It's looking great! I am defiantly most excited for the Superior slayer monsters and have been waiting for them for a while! Well done to Brandon and the rest of the dev team!
  3. Hey Houshi, I've been watching how you interact and carry yourself in the server, you are knowledgeable, helpful, and well liked, I believe you would make a good fit to join the helper team! Best of luck, Xanterra
  4. Very simple and clear guide, Ujj, good job, will help a lot of people!
  5. Hey all it's ya boi, Xanterra, So with the relaunch of Lunaris I figured it would be a good opportunity to re-introduce myself to the new and old player base as many of you might not know me! My real name is Ben Graham I'm 23 and live in Perth Australia. I've been playing since the old Lunaris 1.0 early to mid last year and am currently a trusted/respected member in game and a previous beta tester, so feel free to message me on discord or in game if you need help with anything! I look forward to meeting lots ofnew people and enjoying the re-launch together!
  6. How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I have been playing Lunaris since early 2019 before 2.0 was re-launched What have you done during your game time to help other players? During my time in the Lunaris community I have helped out new and old players get started on the server or pursued them to stay on the server rather than quit after bheing wiped by gambling and losing everything, I also try where I can to help resolve disputes between the community when I see them arise How active are you on the server? Due to university and work I should be able to put in 1-2 hours a night and longer on weekends. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? I believe I would be a good fit for the position as I was a Trusted/Respected member of the Lunaris community before the re-launch and I encouraged to take the position by a couple members of the staff team Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? Yes I am able to do this Are you active in the Discord server and on forums? Too and extent, due to my timezone being so different there is only a certain level at which I can be active, however, I try to be where ever possible Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision Was previously a Trusted/Respected ranked member. Have help every staff position at some point in time in the past on various servers.
  7. Welcome back? Hi? Hello? To be fair I don't think I ever met you Terror because of time zones, so its nice to meet you man! Hopefully will see ya around on the Re-release :D
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