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  1. Man my music choices change a lot it really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. I like a bit of Witt lowry more or like a slower rap dude - When I just chilling and griding at night I'll listen to a bit of chill music by Eden - And some of my Favourites from now since I was a young kid playing rs -
  2. Man it has been a minute but I'm back 😉 Took a break from the rsps scene
  3. Yeah, I think this is a pretty good idea would be interesting.
  4. Yo Superkickback you legend!
  5. Damn that's a juicy goodie bag. Good luck to the winners.
  6. Will definitely help out the new players good job Vihtic.
  7. Haven't been due to being busy irl who won?
  8. Not gonna lie just happy farming is fixed but excited about all of them. 😄
  9. Iron Nopls

    Bank Pictures

    I reckon people should make topics of their own banks.
  10. Good job with the video mate I've done this but quite a bit and haven't been lucky yet.
  11. Ooo now that's a good idea 😉
  12. Seen you around in cc good to see some new faces. Welcome mate.