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    Beta testing application

    1. Have you played the previous revision of Lunaris? If so, for how long. I played Lunaris pretty much since its original release, maybe a few breaks here and there. 2. Please describe your knowledge on the mechanics of OSRS, and your experience with it. I have played RS/OSRS since around 2004 and have been playing it ever since really. Have a very basically programming knowledge so understand the way things are logically programmed, so may be able to expand on bug I may find should I be accepted 3. Have you been a beta tester on a server, or have owned/been on a upper-level staff management team before? If so, please list qualifications. I ran a server in the early days of moparscape but im not going to pretend i have done much else on that front. 4. Are you willing to provide constructive feedback, or report any issues or bugs throughout the process of this beta testing period? If accepted, i would play lunaris from 5pm GMT to around 11pm so a good 5-6 hours a day as well as weekends which i spend more time on. Hey you guys know me i was on all the time before haha 😛 5. How often would you be able to log onto the beta world everyday? How long per day? Weekdays 4-6 hours a day Weekends 6-12 hours a day 6. Would you be willing to work alongside the balance team in order to provide insight, and help in the final development process of Lunaris? Yes, of course, Lunaris has a special place in my heart and i want to help you guys make the release as flawless and smooth as possible while providing our new player base an interesting and fun experience and i would love to be able to look back and feel a sense of achievement that i helped in a minor way 🙂
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    Raid squad

    raids 2 63 raids 1 417 add me up bois
  3. What is your name and in game name. Yopy How long have you been playing? Since release Whats your favorite activity in game to do? lunaris warriors/ champions and raids 1 solo Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) 25 Do you have any ingame pets? If so how many? 13 What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? p3 atm going for p5 for overloads How long have you been playing RS? since 2002 End game goals? finally max out and just have fun mainly with the cool community