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  1. ============================= PUSHED UPDATES ============================= Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug with item lending - Fixed a bug that caused boss and skilling pets to disappear Quality of Life changes: - Looting bag can now be opened inside the home area - You can now note and unnote items by using them on the bankers / grand exchange booth at home - Ancient Wyverns are now accessible - Vorkath is now accessible - Top donator can now be achieved by voting as a Heroic Donator - You can now properly mine Pure Essence - Changed the way multi combat spells for in PVM. It should work a little better on larger monsters - Darkened a lot of the rank yell tags to be more visible - Mini-me pets can now train magic. You select their spell by casting the spell you want them to auto-cast on them while they are spawned - Added the Amulet of Avarice effect. It keeps you skulled while you wear it and allows all drops inside Rev Caves to be noted Additional Updates: - Removed the Perdu message when you die. This message was a bit confusing and caused people to believe their untradeables went to Perdu on death =========================================================================================== - Changed the Barrows shout message and removed the old Lunar Wizard from it. =========================================================================================== - Hovering over the world map no longer says teleports =========================================================================================== - Removed and old item from the Achievement shop =========================================================================================== - Fixed up the Emblem Trader and placed one in the wilderness. Have yet to enable the shop but that should come before next update =========================================================================================== - When your starter staff degrades to dust, it will disable the spell from casting =========================================================================================== - Fixed up the Craws Bow. It should work similar to OSRS. It for some reason the wiki was interpreted incorrectly, I will fix it after some feedback =========================================================================================== - Added the Viggora's Chainmace. Again like the above, if something is wrong I will fix it =========================================================================================== - Obelisks now work above level 20 Wilderness
  2. Much appreciated for this application - We definitely need this spot filled!
  3. Welcome Cheech! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  4. Welcome man! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  5. Thank you for this list! D claws issue was fixed yesterday.
  6. Yaz

    Crafting guide

    This is awesome, thank you Kayla!
  7. Hello my fellow Lunarians! On March 27, 2020 Lunaris will be re-opening its doors to the public. We have some exciting news to share. After a long and over-due process, we have finally been able to relaunch Lunaris. This relaunch has been a result of months of planning, development and implementation. We wanted to make sure that we fixed a lot of the issues that were present, provided a unique and exciting twist, as well as a concept no one has ever seen before within the RSPS community. We are finally ready to release this exciting and new project, while maintaining the nostalgic features of the old game. Why we decided to take a step back... As you all know, we have ran into some issues with regards to the management and balancing of the previous revision. Although Lunaris was a successful server, there were holes that needed to be filled, and unfortunately we had only realized them until it was a little too late. The result of this forced Brandon to pause advertising, take a step back and really understand the issues with the core of Lunaris. We understand the concerns that the community had with the core of the server. The drop tables were not properly set, items were where they shouldn't have been, certain content was skipped, resulting in the ease of accumulation for higher tier weapons and armour. This resulted in an inflation in the economy, then a sudden drop to the value and worth of items. This was a huge issue for us, as players were not being rewarded properly for their efforts. The distribution of wealth was unfair, and players were slowly starting to lose interest. This is why we decided to look back and identify, as well as fix such issues. The balance team had a key impact with regards to looking at the whole system from the ground up, and fixing such holes that were apparent during the time Lunaris was active. We looked at why items had lost value, which systems we had in place that were flawed, which drop tables were in fact ruining the overall experience of the game, and much more. Through the last 6 months, the whole upper level staff team of Lunaris have worked countless hours on developing this new project. The whole team here at Lunaris is extremely passionate about this project, and through the year and a half of which Lunaris was open for, we had not only created an enjoyable server, but we had also created lasting relationships with our players. This is why, instead of packing up and never letting Lunaris see another day, the staff team went hard at work over the last few months, halted advertising, and started from scratch. What happens with my account and donations? We understand that this is a concerning issue. Since Lunaris will be an entirely different game, we have decided for the sake of creating an enjoyable experience, it would be wise to perform a full eco and account reset. Donation ranks will not be kept. There has been a lot of changes as discussed, therefore everyone will be opening a new account from scratch. This is the healthiest option, as the standard of gold and money making processes have all be amended, therefore providing players with their previous stats would not make sense and would not be fair. With regards to donations, that is a similar case as to what was just discussed. Since it is a completely new game, there will also be a full eco reset. With new ways of making money, and the economy being properly balanced, it makes sense to reset the economy. With a fresh start, your experience will be well enjoyed. We know that true Lunarians will understand that this is the best option for the server. In conclusion, ranks, donations and accounts will be reset, including the economy. That being said, previous Sponsors and Investors will be receiving a special reward upon launch. However, if you do have a compelling argument as to why you think your donations should be returned, feel free to reply to this thread laying out your argument, of which will considered. The Relaunch We are going to have a massive relaunch, as we are also investing heavily on advertising, and making sure that with the countless hours of preparation this relaunch has faced, it is warranted by a large player base. From a mixture of old, to new players, Lunaris will be the next big thing within the RSPS community. Never seen before features such as the custom map, new rarity system and more, will be the key aspects of which will differentiate Lunaris from any other server you have played. We can guarantee, that the months of preparation into this launch was well worth the wait. Lunaris is looking forward to seeing both old, and new faces. We can not wait to share this experience with you! Be sure to stay tuned on the forums and the discord for news about some massive giveaways we will be hosting, along with important updates and information. #LunarisHype Yours truly, Lunaris Administration
  8. Thank you for your interest Pim! Once we reach a decision as a team, we will contact you.
  9. Thank you for your interest Tmars. We will discuss this as a team and advise once we reach a decision!
  10. I will be making my way to the #1 ranked Ironman account. No one will take my crown...
  11. Welcome man! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  12. Welcome Sherk, glad to have you! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  13. Welcome brother! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  14. Thank you for your interest. We will reach out once we discuss your application as a team!
  15. Have some questions regarding Lunaris Remastered? Question: What are the experience rates? Answer: Melee is roughly 100x, Range and Magic is roughly 50x, the remainder (skilling) is roughly 65x. These are rough estimates and every skill has its own xp rates. Question: How do I achieve each individual donator rank, when I click on obtain in the donator store, I can not pruchase the rank? Answer: Donator ranks go by total amount donated, not as a separate purchase or a donator scroll. If you wish to purchase the rank, you must donate for items on the donator store amounting to the cost of the rank. This saves you money, since you dont need to donate for the scroll or rank separately! The price of the rank will be changed, as it is taking into account the sale and the global sale price. Question: What are the benefits of each donator rank? How do I achieve Sponsor and Investor? Answer: Donator rank benefits are linked in the below thread. Sponsor is achieved by accumulating a total donation count of $1,000 , and Investor is achieved by accumulating a total donation count of $2,500 (Does not have to be at one time, could take as long as you want for both ranks). Question: Is Rarity still a thing? Answer: Yes, however the system has changed. You no longer receieve rarities from crafting items or getting them dropped from an NPC or Boss. You now have to break down items at the Rarity Well by speaking to the wizard, and using shards to upgrade your weapons. Question: Is there a Teleport Wizard? Answer: The Teleport Wizard is not longer available, alternatively you can use various teleportation methods, of which can be found in the thread below. Jewelries are also available to teleport, such as games necklaces, ring of duelings, burning amulets etc... Question: What happens with my previous donations from the last revision? Answer: The economy has been reset, along with ranks. However, previous Sponsors and Investors will receive an exclusive pet with benefits. Question: Is everything that I need available on the main Lunaris island? Answer: All content is accessible via the main island. However, there are teles and entrances that take you to areas off the main island. Question: Is prestiging still a thing? Answer: Yes, but you can no longer go past level 99 in a stat. When prestiging, you must get all stats to 99 first, they will be reset, however there are benefits to it. Based on the amount of times you prestige your account, you are able to allocate a +1 stat boost to any combat bonus. With the ability to increase your bonuses within your Attack (Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic, Range) - Defence (Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic, Range) - Other Bonuses (Strength, Prayer, Range Strength, Magic Damage), you will be able to maximize the bonuses on your account. Question: What is a mini-me pet? What can I do with him? Answer: A mini-me is your little helper. A mini version of you, of which assists you in pvming and even certain skills. You can place items on him, however once they are placed on the pet, you can not get them back. Use the summoning tab in the bottom left corner of your inventory to open his configuration. Right click an item in your inven to add it to his toolbelt.
  16. Welcome Fr00b, glad to have you! Make sure you are in the Lunaris discord.
  17. Welcome Wilderness! Can't wait to see you and your clan dominate the wildy. For now...
  18. LUNARIS GAMBLING RULES Dicing - Any form of scam involved in a dice will result in your dice bag being removed from your account indefinitely. In addition, based on the severity of the offence, your account will be jailed. If applicable, your account could be banned. - Scams include (but are not limited to) failure of payout, not correctly adding up the blackjack roll amounts, lying about proper payouts etc.. - When playing blackjack, tie = host win. - Pots should be recorded. If there is no proof, we can not assist you with refunds. Flower Poker - Any form of scam involved with flower poker, will result in a jail. If applicable, your account could be banned. - Scams include (but are not limited to) lying about the plant colour once the flowers disappear, not paying out, lying about whether you got an oak when you actually got a 2 pair etc... - All flower poker will hold the BWRP rules: Black and white = Full 5 flower replant. - Pots should be recorded. If there is no proof, we can not assist you with refunds. Staking - Any form of scam involved in staking will result in a jail. - No rule changing, no weapon switching if not previously agreed upon both members. - Stakes should be recorded. If there is no proof, we can not assist you with refunds. Please note, it is recommended to all users to use a trusted middle man - Administrators do not have to provide any proof when solving a dispute/scam.