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  1. Want to make some quick cash? Then think no further then killing bots. Prepared to be flamed though. 🙂 There is multiple ways off killing bots and today i will share my favorites, maybe it will give you some ideas. For this thread I will focus on main pk bots (lvl 126) For killing bots i would recommend max stats in (prayer, magic ,defense, attack, strength, and hp. it shouldn't take that long). Bots can be done within almost any gear but in this topic i will talk about my favorite or best ways. Bots are in wild so don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. any items with an alch value of 300k+ will be added to the pk bot chest as possible loots The magic chest: these items will drop randomly from the bots (i found it to be roughly 1 in 50 kills) This is a purple chest at home right near the entrance of the bank facing the duel arena For each bot you kill you will recieve 1 million blood money which can be exchanged at the wilderness trader at home by the teleporting wizard. if you kill a bot that is your target you will obtain a mysterious emblem. if you continued to kill more of your targets your emblem will level up in tier. The emblems max out at tier 10. Tier 10 emblems exchange for 35 million blood money or roughly 75m cash in the auction house. To exchange emblems talk to wilderness exchange and click sell tiers. feel free to check out his shop there is a lot of useful items. If you are looking for raw gold (buy dragon darts and high alch them for very good gold per hour) When killing bots it is best to safe up to almost full Hp. These bots have the ability to KO you really quick especially for lower tier gear. Gears: Tier C is for people that are not working with a lot of cash or people not trying to risk a lot. This is roughly where every one will start off. Before you start killing bots I would recommend that you do a little slayer and get yourself a fighter torso. also completing JAD minigame will help alot. complete the RFD quest to get barrows gloves. Its an easy minigame. should take you maybe 10 minutes If you by chance you die you can buy back your un-tradable items for pedru at home Helm: serpentine helm > helm of neiz > fighter hat Neck: torture or > fury or > torture > fury > glory Chest: justicar> torva> bandos> fighter torso > barrows > dragon > rune legs: justicar > torva >bandos > barrows > dragon wep: rapier > lime whip > tent whip > normal whip > dragon scimitar 2h/Ko wep: ags > korasi >dragon claws > elder maul > crystal hally i > bgs > sgs > abyssal dagger offhand: ely > avernic defender > dfs > dragon defender > rune defender gloves: barrows gloves > dragon gloves > rune gloves ring: ring of suffering > bersker ring (i) > recoil cape: ultra swag cape > infernal cape > fire cape > obsidian cape> skill cape
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