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    Beta testing application

    1. Have you played the previous revision of Lunaris? If so, for how long. I did play the previous revision, I have been playing since the first week or two of its launch. 2. Please describe your knowledge on the mechanics of OSRS, and your experience with it. With osrs I am quite familiar with. Not a very big quest person. I was mainly fascinated with pvp. I love pvm though and know how most of the mechanics are supposed to work. I am not an expert though. 3. Have you been a beta tester on a server, or have owned/been on a upper-level staff management team before? If so, please list qualifications. I have been a beta tester and part of upper management on a few servers X-scape moderator/beta Pkdeathly admin (spawn server) 4. Are you willing to provide constructive feedback, or report any issues or bugs throughout the process of this beta testing period? I am completely willing to, it helps the game move out of beta where I can begin to help new players 5. How often would you be able to log onto the beta world everyday? How long per day? On weekends roughly 7-10 hours on weekdays roughly 2-3 hours 6. Would you be willing to work alongside the balance team in order to provide insight, and help in the final development process of Lunaris? Not only willing but also very interested since they are the minds that create future content and help grow the lunaris content and family
  2. I also plan to make an iron man and max it out And max out my main and own the rev Caves 😉
  3. please give you feed back and enjoy. good luck on the give away
  4. Want to make some quick cash? Then think no further then killing bots. Prepared to be flamed though. 🙂 There is multiple ways off killing bots and today i will share my favorites, maybe it will give you some ideas. For this thread I will focus on main pk bots (lvl 126) For killing bots i would recommend max stats in (prayer, magic ,defense, attack, strength, and hp. it shouldn't take that long). Bots can be done within almost any gear but in this topic i will talk about my favorite or best ways. Bots are in wild so don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. any items with an alch value of 300k+ will be added to the pk bot chest as possible loots The magic chest: these items will drop randomly from the bots (i found it to be roughly 1 in 50 kills) This is a purple chest at home right near the entrance of the bank facing the duel arena For each bot you kill you will recieve 1 million blood money which can be exchanged at the wilderness trader at home by the teleporting wizard. if you kill a bot that is your target you will obtain a mysterious emblem. if you continued to kill more of your targets your emblem will level up in tier. The emblems max out at tier 10. Tier 10 emblems exchange for 35 million blood money or roughly 75m cash in the auction house. To exchange emblems talk to wilderness exchange and click sell tiers. feel free to check out his shop there is a lot of useful items. If you are looking for raw gold (buy dragon darts and high alch them for very good gold per hour) When killing bots it is best to safe up to almost full Hp. These bots have the ability to KO you really quick especially for lower tier gear. Gears: Tier C is for people that are not working with a lot of cash or people not trying to risk a lot. This is roughly where every one will start off. Before you start killing bots I would recommend that you do a little slayer and get yourself a fighter torso. also completing JAD minigame will help alot. complete the RFD quest to get barrows gloves. Its an easy minigame. should take you maybe 10 minutes If you by chance you die you can buy back your un-tradable items for pedru at home Helm: serpentine helm > helm of neiz > fighter hat Neck: torture or > fury or > torture > fury > glory Chest: justicar> torva> bandos> fighter torso > barrows > dragon > rune legs: justicar > torva >bandos > barrows > dragon wep: rapier > lime whip > tent whip > normal whip > dragon scimitar 2h/Ko wep: ags > korasi >dragon claws > elder maul > crystal hally i > bgs > sgs > abyssal dagger offhand: ely > avernic defender > dfs > dragon defender > rune defender gloves: barrows gloves > dragon gloves > rune gloves ring: ring of suffering > bersker ring (i) > recoil cape: ultra swag cape > infernal cape > fire cape > obsidian cape> skill cape
  5. This is a very interesting idea I like it i'm a fan of it. 😛
  6. we will miss you, i hope you return for lunaris 2.0 buddy. and sitdown will grow so much you will have to re-apply love you tho dude 😛
  7. atem

    SitDown ~pk cc

    #sitdown and thank you yaz
  8. I'm going good to miss you brother:(
  9. atem

    SitDown ~pk cc

    The ultimate PvP family Do you seek the thrill of battle? or it pure bloodlust? Love controlling the wild? If this is the case this may be your new family. We are a clan of the fiercest fighters of all of lunaris. We are here to stay and you will never forget Sitdown So buckledown and get ready for this epic pvp conquest! We are constantly looking for new members. We will also provide other services, so don't think we are brutes with no heart we will also provide wild protection. so if you are not pvp inclined there is hope. Its also a great experience to learn from some of the best! so what are you waiting for lets get them skulls up! Do you have what it takes?: Members will have to be: fluent in tribrid/hybrid pking (or willing to learn) great switches active within clan willing to improve and test your might actively looking out for your fellow brethren Current members: Leader: lunariswar Co-leader: canadianpk Co-leader: Atem Member: killmatt47 Member: devln Member: shuro Any questions feel free to message lunariswar or canadianpk
  10. atem


    Starting this new thread i am going for max level and max prestige. I am currently no prestige total level 2015 I am going to start grinding my skills out everyday
  11. I look forward to these changes. I believe that lunaris will make it to the top 5. I believe in your vision Brandon
  12. Amazing guide like always 😄
  13. Hello fellow Lunaris Players, I had a really good idea that I thought I would share with you today. I call it the Lunaris exchange. With this new system I would also recommend a new untrablable currency called Lunaris tokens The concept is quite simple Lunaris tokens can be achieved from the npc lunaris exchange master by completing daily task that refresh every 4 hours. (reward 5-25 lunaris tokens depending on difficulties) Another fun way to achieve these tokens is through the exchange shop which refreshes every 2 hours. every two hours the items to be exchanged will be changed. ex. first exchange 73x rune bars, prim boots, and 15m blood money (can only be done once per 2 hour exchange period) doing so will give you 15 Lunaris tokens The Lunaris token reward shop: contains brand new untradable items Examples row i potion (1 does) drinking this will give you the bonus' of the row i for 30 minutes recoloring of items. gem bags bonecrusher and so on please tell me what you think! thank you for reading
  14. i did one of each pookie, this one is more or less to get feedback from community. 🙂
  15. What is your name and in game name.: In-game: Atem IRL: Matthew How long have you been playing? 1 year Whats your favorite activity in game to do? I like doing pk bots, bandos, armadyl and zulrah (stupid snake XD) Age? (If your comfortable giving this out we don't judge) 23 Do you have any ingame pets? If so how many? currently I only have 3 What prestige are you? Do you plan on maxing your prestige? Very close to my first. I do plan to max (Pookie show me the way XD) How long have you been playing RS? 10+ years End game goals? End game is become parts of the staff, possibly helping with developing things within this server, Achieving max prestige, getting a cash stack bigger the circles, and being the most help to the server as possible.