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  1. Not only a pretty good video but badass drops my brother congrats
  2. id like some discussion from community not exactly like osrs had it polled but something along those lines thank you for the feed back brothers ❤️
  3. Hello everyone, My names k0king and ive been on the server for a couple months now and am very excited to see the big reveal of Lunaris 2.0. I know many great things will come with this update and the server will turn around and get tons of players. Along with lunaris 2.0 I would like to share an idea ive had for a little while now to go into the update. A new skill yes I know nobody likes new skill because they have to re-max but the skill would be called artisan which was polled in osrs a little while back and got 67% voted yes with 33% voting no but since it was 75% it was not passed sadly. however I believe it would be a great addition to this server it would be a skill basically like slayer but for skillers. with this update would bring a few things extra into the game such as the artisan armour set which would grant an extra 40% xp in all skills(excluding combat, prayer) with the skill there would be points given each skilling task complete, which of course would also come the different difficulty of each task being able to choose easy, medium, hard, and elite tasks. Also each task would give artisan points which can be spent in the shop for the artisan gear set. Many good things can come from this update a few being people would want to max because the skill would make you do different tasks would be training other skills which would get you close to max anyhow. However when you prestige the gear only requires 1 in each stat to wear making skilling much quicker less tedious and makes it more fun. There could be extra rewards like untradeables but I feel like you would get all those skilling supplies such as ores logs etc... that it would be too op to have extra rewards since you could just sell the stuff you gathered to other players for money. Its a working progress lemme know what you guys think whether its a yes or a hell no. I just figured id share my idea with everybody and see what you all think thank you for reading my post have a wonderful day.
  4. Lunar I wish you the best as soon as you leave I come back lol I hope you find happiness man imma miss you for sure thank you for everything you done for me
  5. As sudden as my departure was my comeback so is my return I'm pleased to announce legal issues were taken care off and things went really well basically a slap on the wrist due to a perfectly clean record I wanted to thank you all for showing you care dw I'm back to stay dint know how much I'll be on I'm very backed up on work since I was unable to do anything while the legal issues were going on with my private business I did spend 3 days in jail very eye opening but like I said things worked in my favor thankfully so my fellow lunarians be ready because the king has come..........home ❤️
  6. Although my time was short on lunaris it was truly a wonderful and magical experience. The people I got to meet and become friends with the community I wouldn't trade it for the world. Sadly though due to things in real life that I'm not going to get too deep into mainly mental health such as depression and some legal issues that need resolved I will not be returning to lunaris anytime soon nor maybe even forever................I'm honestly crying typing this out, you wouldn't think that leaving an rsps would be this hard but you people made my life much happier and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for all you've done for me. Canadian, atem, lunariswar, gemstone you were the biggest parts on that community to me you always were there trying to pick me up even a few others you always joked always had fun and always made me feel like life wasnt a big bowl of booty flakes and I love you for that. Though my farewell is unexpected things that are going on are far to upsetting and bad to talk about do not worry about me though I will be fine. I just wanted to come on and give you all a proper goodbye from me. Canadian I want you to keep those items and use them for good my brothers my lunarians my lunaris family thank you so so so much I love you guys and I'm gonna miss the shit out of you. Sincerely K0king1525 or just Bailey works 🙂 ❤️ goodbye brothers.
  7. Hello, welcome and thank you for viewing my topic. Today I have a few ideas that I thought could help the server and make a few things just a bit more affordable. My first idea is a new boss in the wilderness called "the guardian" basically like vet'ion a big boss but wearing primal gear. Being in deep wilderness around 50 or so with some new pretty cool items with a twist. Drop table would insist of primal set ex, primal platebody, primal platelegs, primal full helm, primal kiteshield, primal rapier, primal maul, and some others of developers choice. The weapons on their own wouldn't be best in slot with the Primal rapier falling behind the grahzi rapier, but the maul would have equal stats to elder. With this amour and weapons comes a twist while the weapons on their own are second best in slot wearing the the full set(excluding the kiteshield for the maul) like the obsidian armour set it would grant a 10% increase in damage and accuracy making it best in slot while wielding the full set for both weapons. the pros are introducing new content with new items, the wilderness would be packed with our community trying to get said new items, pking would go up since pkers and teams could potentially come and pk the people in the deep wildy giving some more variety other then trying to find someone at revs. yes there are pkbots but that's not a challenge nor fun after about 30 mins trying to figure out what your opponent will do next and praying for a big veng hit makes it fun. pkbots are predicable which is why I think the pking will increase with this boss making a lot of the community very happy it may sound a bit over powered on the weapon but also it could be debuffed a bit I know the way ive said it, it sounds like it would be nothing but op. however, lets face it theres a lot of op weapons and armour why not add another lol. thank you for looking at my post have a good day lemme know what you think.