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Found 1 result

  1. Good morning lads, Keep it short and simple: I'll be going out of town this weekend, unfortunately missing our amazing Double EXP weekend event. While I'm going I won't be able to play really at all. So instead of hording my 2xp ring and some of my other items I thought I would lend them out. Instead of charging someone or picking someone at random I thought we could make a little competition out of it. The person who submits the funniest 'Dad Joke' will get the Double EXP ring for the whole weekend. (Thursday night - Sunday night) I will have 2 other lend slots available. One will go to the runner up of the dad joke competition. They will be given an option to lend anything that I have in my bank, which can include things like maxed melee/range Mini-me, Rapier, Ultraswag cape, Tbow, etc.. BONUS: You can also submit for a bonus submission of 'Best Pickup Line' with the winning submission getting the last lend as well as 200 of a gathered resource. i.e. Dragon Bones, Toadflax, Torstols, Rune ore/bars, etc... Disclaimer* I will be making these decisions myself, they will all be based on my personal opinion. If you make me spit my drink out of my mouth while drinking and I've already selected a winner I will buy a second Double EXP ring just to lend to you. Let people know and let's get people linking their accounts and getting active on the forums boys. Winner's will be determined Thursday night by drunken me.