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Found 2 results

  1. This post is special for brandon and yaz. In this thread I would like to talk about 4 different things: First one: Lunaris Main page "news" there is an outdated info the 'nex has been released' . Second thing, I personally think that any suggestion/poll from 2019 should definitely be deleted. Third thing (in the lunaris store): It's maybe better not to put forward the most expensive items on the lunaris store, I think you should set nice items with a price arround 20$ forward because anyone can afford 20$ and putting items with a value of +500$ forward can make the customer feel poor or weak. There's another option I have in mind wich is putting the top 3 bought items forward. Final thing is: add a support chat on the lunaris store so players can ask theyr questions while they are in the store because if a customer have a question and he can't get the answer to his question he might change hi's mind about purchasing sometihng after a couple of hours or a day later
  2. First of all welcome to my firs topic and sorry for my bad english 😛 So in this topic I would like to talk about adding a Skotizo in Lunaris. Why skotizo? Because I feel like there's a lack of money in Lunaris and Skotizo have some good alchable drops, think about it... If there's a lack of money it's hard to sell any items because money value is higer than tems value. How ever if there's is more money in the game, money value will decrease and it will encourage players to spend theyr money and the more items are sold the more players help each other because the basement of a sale is to help each other, isn't that the community we are looking for? So I personally think Skotizo must be added as soon as possible to Lunaris. Thank's for reading -killtizenx
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