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  1. This post is special for brandon and yaz. In this thread I would like to talk about 4 different things: First one: Lunaris Main page "news" there is an outdated info the 'nex has been released' . Second thing, I personally think that any suggestion/poll from 2019 should definitely be deleted. Third thing (in the lunaris store): It's maybe better not to put forward the most expensive items on the lunaris store, I think you should set nice items with a price arround 20$ forward because anyone can afford 20$ and putting items with a value of +500$ forward can make the customer feel poor or weak. There's another option I have in mind wich is putting the top 3 bought items forward. Final thing is: add a support chat on the lunaris store so players can ask theyr questions while they are in the store because if a customer have a question and he can't get the answer to his question he might change hi's mind about purchasing sometihng after a couple of hours or a day later
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