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  1. Hi all, I've noticed while talking to a few people the Vote Party could use some updating. @Alex It would be great if we could get the current list/ rotation & Frequency of the Vote Party if possible Here are the suggestions which i've accumulated so far Weapons Game 2x points should be reduced to 1hr only (Therefore reducing the votes required in half) - as usually this is more than sufficient for the amount the game mode is actually played Add Double Pest Control points- I believe 1hr would be fair. This would be a way to get people more actively involved in it Add to Inf Combat - This should be 2hrs and add Magic/Range to this as well Inf Prayer - to be extended to two hours Spec Regen - to be only 1hr not 3hrs Increase frequency of the new Bonus EXP vote party Some frustrations from players is having back to back of the same party, i.e. Back to Back Spec Regen. Ideally, you should not be able to have the same vote party B2B As I talk to more players I will update this post, if anyone has further suggestions please post below. Thank you Lunaris Team for considering this, I believe these would be relatively simple to update and make voting more rewarding. This is really important as voting in turn gets the server more players which is good for everyone Dred
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